FIFA 16 Top 10 Players

It’s an all new year, which means that we can expect a new FIFA game. So this year EA Sports is going to launch FIFA 16, yes it’s just around the corner and people are anxiously waiting for its official release. Though the Demo version is out but let’s be honest, the Demo version isn’t as fun as the real deal. So today let’s talk about the top rated players in this new game. Last year in FIFA 15 a lot of great players were involved in the top list but this year there were a few new nominations. And yes today we will be discussing the TOP 10 Players of FIFA 16 rating.

Earlier this September EA Sports started announcing the top 50 players of FIFA 16. So for all those FIFA fans out there it was a huge deal waiting out the days for the ratings of their favorite players.


It’s not other than David Silva, this guy is one of the best Midfielders in EPL. He is a Spanish International and currently his club is Manchester City. He got an upgrade from 87 to 88 overall which gets him the 10th rating in the game.

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Say hello to Thiago Silva, the guy’s a monster at the back. And he is a nightmare for the strikers to pass by. A Brazilian international and his club is PSG. He is one of the captions of PSG as well as for his nation Brazil.

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It’s Neymar! This left winger is one of the best young talent we have in football, we can proudly say that the future is secure for football. He is also a Brazilian born and his current club is FC Barcelona. This guy got a full boost of +2 ratings, placing him from 86 to 88.

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Zlatan Ibrahimović, one of the most dangerous players you will ever see on the pitch. He is best in taking long range shots, volleys and free kicks, despite his age he gives a hard time to the defenders. A captain of the Swedish international and for his club PSG. He decreased his rating from 90 to 89.

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Eden Hazard, a left winger for Belgium as well as for his club Chelsea FC. He is also one of the great young talents in football. He is only 24, which means he has a lot of time ahead of himself. He upgraded from 88 to 89.

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Arjen Robben he is a 31 year old right winger for FC Bayern Munich. Though he is a bit older than some other players but he is one of the best dribblers in the world. He is a Netherlands international and he is still standing at 90 rating.

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Manuel Neuer is currently the best Goalkeeper in the world. No other goalkeeper can match his potential presently. He is the 2014 World Cup winner and still rates at 90 overall.

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Its Luis Suarez, Uruguayan and FC Barcelona’s best striker. Recently he was nominated for the UEFA Best Player Award, luckily he finished 2nd in it. Suarez is good for long range shots as well as free kicks. He shined a lot last year thus giving him the 3rd position in the game with 90 overall.

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It’s not other than Cristiano Ronaldo, the 3 time Ballon D’Or winner. He is the Captain of his nation Portugal and is one of the captains for Real Madrid. He plays as a Left Winger and is best for long range shots. One of his specialties is taking the Penalty, he is the best penalty taker in the world and he is one of the most expensive players.

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It had to be Lionel Messi. He is the best player in the world without any doubt. He is the first player ever to win 3 Ballon D’Or trophies in a row (4 Ballon D’Or Winner). He won 2 trebles with FC Barcelona and is currently the top scorer of LIGA BBVA. His position was CF at first but now he stays as a winger at the right supporting his team. Because of all of his achievements he is rated 94.

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