Far Cry Primal PC Release Date Announced

A new sequel to the Ubisoft famous Far Cry series was announced just two months ago by the name of  Far Cry Primal. Which is totally a different game from the rest of the series, the game is set in stone age suggested by its name.

alt="Far Cry Primal"

As we know the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of the game is going to release on February 23rd, 2016 but there has been no news about the PC version of the game. But a brand new trailer which was showcased at Games Award 2015 confirmed the Far Cry Primal PC release date. Yeah right, Far Cry Primal is going to release on March 1st, 2016 which is almost one week later than the console’s version of the game. There is no any specific reason for the delay, but assumptions can be made that maybe the developers want to make sure the game is greatly optimized for PC as we all know that Ubisoft has a history with no making optimized games for PC. Earlier this year Assassins Creed Syndicate a prequel to Assassins Creed Unity was released almost one month later than the console version, but the wait paid off, as the new game wasn’t as glitchy as its ancestor.

Aside from the new trailer, Ubisoft also revealed a new video which is a developer walkthrough of the game to show some of the features of the game. The story main character is Takkar, who is Beast Master. Controlling him players will be able to tame different beasts of the stone ages such as sabertooth, mammoths, owls, dire wolves and others. Each beast has a specific role and will help Takkar in a different way.

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