Far Cry Primal HD Screenshots Revealed

In addition to the new trailer of Far Cry Primal and  the developer gameplay footage which was showcased at Games Award 2015, Ubisoft also revealed some screenshots of the game. The screenshots are in-game which shows the might and beauty of Far Cry Primal graphics. We also know that Ubisoft and NVIDIA has an ongoing partnership and the many of its game e.g. Assassins Creed Unity, Syndicate are powered by NVIDIA Game Works effects so it’s same to assume that Far Cry Primal PC will also feature those Game Work effects such as PCSS, TXAA, and HBAO+.

You can view the Far Cry Primal HD Screenshots below


Far Cry Primal is going to release on March 1st, 2016 which is almost one week later than the console’s version of the game. There is no any specific reason for the delay, but assumptions can be made that maybe the developers want to make sure the game is greatly optimized for PC as we all know that Ubisoft has a history with no making optimized games for PC. Earlier this year Assassins Creed Syndicate a prequel to Assassins Creed Unity was released almost one month later than the console version, but the wait paid off, as the new game wasn’t as glitchy as its ancestor.

If you haven’t watched the gameplay footage watch it below.

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