Facebook Introduce New Changes to Profile Picture

Facebook Introduce New Changes to Profile Picture

Facebook is going to introduce five changes to the profile of the user which is going to start today. But the features will b available today for some of the users, other users have to wait for sometime to get the amazing update.

Looping Profile Videos

On of the most exciting change in profile is new profile video. When you will click to change your profile picture with that you will get the option of recording a video with audio for 7 seconds. The video will replace your old profile picture and viewers will see a looping GIF for 7 seconds. If someone clicks on the looping GIF they will see the original video and also they will also know about how and why the user has uploaded the video. You can see the change across the web on desktop as well in smartphone apps.

Featured Photos

On of the other big change is that you will see an option through which you can select five featured pictures that will be pinned to a side at the top of the profile. Facebok says that his would help in giving your overview is someone is considering by adding you as a friend. He featured photos could be anything it may b selfies, may be food or it may be some art or scenery.

Temporary Profile Pictures

Facebook also introduces another amazing feature through which you can also set a temporary profile picture, like you can set a profile picture for certain time it may be hours, days or week after that time period it will automatically change to he previous picture. It is helpful for setting a profile picture for some special occasions or events etc.

New Bio Advanced Visibility Controls

Facebook also wants more info about the user to be visible on heir profile when it is viewed. From this feature it is cleared that the social network wants user to add a 100 words bio character which will be visible a the top of the profile which will no more be hidden in the about section the new feature will make the Facebook design more pleasant.

Improved Mobile Design

So finally the website design has been changed. In he new design of he timeline the profile picture is bigger and has also shifted to he centre of he page.  The new changes ,makes the design of Fcebook mobile more pleasant and good. With these changes Facebook has made a smart move and these new features will mostly be appreciated by the users.