Facebook Dislike Button On Its Way

It’s been a while since users from all around the world demanded a Facebook dislike button. They want a “dislike” button to be added besides the like button. Every post does not deserves a like. People are waiting for a Facebook dislike button. Facebook has been on this lately but the chief executive Mark Zuckerburg was not in its favor. He didn’t want a dislike button to be added to Facebook which he mentioned last December in a Q&A session because it can sometimes be a disgrace for a post which according to him is not a good option to go with.

Facebook dislike buttonIt’s been more than 7 years that every Facebook post, pic and video has been liked. Even if you want to express your sympathy for someone or something you have to press like button and many more similar things.

Facebook is on to this unlike button thing but hasn’t finalized anything yet. The reason is that no other major social networking platform has it. If Facebook takes the step forward to it maybe it will bring a negative change, such as what if people start disgracing other posts and personal pics.

Facebook Dislike Button But now Mark Zuckerburg himself said this on Tuesday 15 “People have asked about the ‘Dislike’ button for many years … and today is a special day, because today is the day that I actually get to say we are working on it and are very close to shipping a test of it,” at Town Hall Q&A Facebook’s headquarters according to Business Insider and Recode.

This is the big and latest news that Mark just quoted. Facebook dislike button will be seen soon. People will get what they wanted from so long. But rumors say that it will not be a pure dislike button. It can be a button to express your sympathy or maybe a button quoting “this should not happen”. It won’t be a pure dislike button as per the rumors.

It won’t be like a Reddit down vote button but will be a button expressing your regrets or sympathy. Mark said that every post is not worth liking and there may be some posts which needs sympathy instead of liking, he mentioned posts like the Syrian refugee crisis.

Facebook dislike buttonMark said that we are very close to disclose such a button on Facebook which isn’t yet clear that this button will be a sympathy button or a pure Facebook dislike button. This button will be a big change on this social networking platform and many changes are expected to happen with the release of this button on people’s wall.

This is the latest news from Facebook, the largest social networking platform. This change may happen anytime soon and will be a whole new experience on Facebook.

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