Evernote software Essentials Review the goods and the bads of Evernote software


Evernote software is a to-do list app that is used to capture images, ideas, and contacts to remember in short it is the extension of your brain. It captures your brain. Modern life can be complicated, simplify it with Evernote software, the app which will manage it all. It is developed by Stephan Pachinkov. If you want to remember something for a special occasion you save the description of that thing in Evernote software in a notebook. When you want that particular thing on that occasion to remember then this function belongs to Evernote software. For example; if you are in a mall and in queue for to check out but that instance you saw recipe of chicken BBQ but you don’t have a time to read it out completely you just take a picture of that recipe and put it in the Evernote software with the help of OCR that changes to words and laters that OCR provided to you by Evernote software. When you got free time and you want to read that recipe and you couldn’t remember the whole title then you just put the keyword in that title like as chicken BBQ and Evernote software find that for you. And you read out the whole recipe. If you want to write about travel then you create a notebook of a particular country and have a keyword of restaurants in that country. When you don’t remember the whole title you just put a keyword of that. You can search and put words through your voice to the note. To know the complete Evernote software essentials review we discussed the whole feature of Evernote software in this review below.

 Features of Evernote software:-

Evernote software has a lot of features that is very catchy for customers and very helpful for them. That are discussed below;

  1. The first and utmost feature which comes first is capturing pictures, notes and the locations where you want to visit or where you had added those notes and pictures and embed it in the Evernote software notebook for to remember to you by a particular time.
  2. You can save anything from the web directly to your Evernote software notebook by web clipper extension this extension is available in Chrome browser and all other browsers as well.
  3. You can highlight a particular area of your note so when you read out your note your eyesight immediately focused on that highlighted and important point you want.
  4. You can organize your notes by keywords/tags, notebooks in one notebook of a similar niche. If one of your note contains tags that are similar to another note that you can put that notebook into another similar notebook, which is called nested notebook.
  5. When you write a note and click on save it stored in a remote account where it can’t be deleted or lost.
  6. You can share your notes and notebooks with your colleagues.
  7. Half of users of Evernote software have gmail id so Evernote software has launched an integrated system with Google drive where you can import files from google drive to Evernote software by clicking on the icon of google drive given nowadays in Evernote software toolbar you can also search your Google drive documents in Evernote software

Evernote software pricing:-

In pricing Evernote software has three major plans;

  1. In free basic plan Evernote software give you access to standard features with 60MB monthly uploads which is good for to just uploading text files.
  2. Premium plane of Evernote software is raised from 4.99$ to 7.99$ monthly and 69.99$ yearly with 10GB upload every month.
  3. If you want Evernote software for business use then you should pay 12$ per month with workspaces functionality and administrative functions.

Evernote software vs Onenote:-

Beside a very helpful app, it has its competitors as well in which the major competitor is Onenote. Which provide a lot of features in free which Evernote software didn’t provide in free only in premium like in OneNote free app you can stick emails in a note, as well as you, can digitize your business cards with 10GB upload limit. And this Onenote is a lot similar to that of Evernote software which is the best alternative to Evernote software if you are not able to pay that costly premium plane of Evernote software then Onenote is best for you. But transferring files from Evernote software to OneNote makes your tags quite messy but in windows, Microsoft provides Onenote importer tool that could do it quite well. But this tool is only available for windows not for Mac but it will come very soon to the Mac.

Should you stick to Evernote software or quite from Evernote software:-

Since Evernote software pricing was raised since then it is very difficult for users to stay on Evernote software they are thinking of shifting to OneNote and quit Evernote software but power users or still stick to it because of its cool features and a lot more popularity than Onenote. But we hope soon they realize their mistake and less the prices again to its previous range. And at the other hand if they don’t do this and Microsoft launches OneNote importer tool for Mac then it will be a very tough competition for Evernote software.

Available for :-

It is available for OS X, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, Evernote for windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, and webOS.