The End of Microsoft Windows


So far the latest windows of Microsoft is in market that is windows 10 (Which marks The End of Microsoft Windows). They did not make a lot of changes in it but the support is very good and it is a lot stable than the previous versions. But here is the interesting thing. The developers of every software product always are working on a new version. Which Microsoft also has been doing, but this time something new happened. Rumors are that Microsoft is not going to release any new version of Windows. They will work on the updates procedure. Every time there is a bug or a problem or an improvement Microsoft will handle it through updates. An executive developer of Microsoft named Jerry Nixon said that Windows 10 is the ending version of the dominant desktop software.


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So what does it mean? Does it mark the end of Windows? Will it have a positive effect on Windows or a Bad effect? Or Will Microsoft Windows rise above everything with this strategy?


Now that is something about which only time can tell us.


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Here are some reasons why Microsoft took this decision.


  1. So the first reason here is that it’s a big world out there. Whenever a new windows version launched, different problems from different regions started being reported. So solving different problems from different was a big issue.
  2. Secondly the compatibility problem. Updating the drivers for every new version of windows for every platform every time was also a very hectic job.
  3. Thirdly As everyone knows that Microsoft has purchased Nokia. So instead of making new windows rumors are that Microsoft has started working on improving the phones technology and reach the monopoly level in phones too. As they have the monopoly in windows.
  4. Many of you people May have heard about the Microsoft Hologram Technology. Maybe Microsoft is about to make a total innovation which may replace the current system. You never know what’s coming.
  5. Other rumors are that Instead of Windows they are up to making an operating system with a new name and technology.


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But the latest version of Microsoft Windows which is windows 10. Reviews say that most of the people are too much satisfied with it. So can we say that it has reached the perfect level?

Maybe it is for now. But hey as we all know that technology improves with time. Maybe a need for a change arises later on with time.

But the love of Windows can be understood by the 90’s people who have used almost every version of windows. But hey moving on is a better option as far as people say.

Microsoft Windows will always have a place in our hearts. You never will be forgotten. Enjoy the last moments with Windows while you still can.