Dota 2 vs league of legends Which one is BETTER?

There has always been a war going on between Biased DotA and LoL players. But they never put forward the cons of the game they are supporting and when some gamers that are new to MOBAs want to start a good MOBA game they never can suggest what’s  good for them here is an article on Dota 2 vs league of legends:

LoL vs DotA2:




LOL sought to break from the barriers and restrictions set by DOTA, creating a much more unique MOBA that stands out among others, and ridding itself of difficulties of DOTA. DOTA 2 stuck with the tried and tested gameplay philosophy of DOTA, though it play tested it’s game a lot, and I mean a lot, to achieve a perfect balance in it by tuning everything and anything it found even a little off.



This is what DotA 2 is so notorious for. One of the main reasons behind it is learning cliff. It incorporates all the mechanics found in the original DOTA, ranging from denying, to couriers, multiple shops, vision, item building and such. Also, due to its coding or something, there is lot of hidden mechanics found in DOTA 2 that bamboozled even the most experienced noobs. Many champion abilities have hidden effects and workings that can be exploited, making this game all the more tougher. On the other hand, Riot rid themselves of all these complexities and went with a simpler game design and easing players into the game. But, in forgoing all the complexities, riot have left gaping holes in balance of this game that some these mechanics kept in check.

Learning Curve:

LOL has very simple mechanics which makes playing this game a heaven for first timers. But, the tutorials and bot games this game provides are just dreadful. DOTA, despite having a learning cliff taller than your average mountain, has a gracious amount of tutorials and bot configuration to ease in the player. Still, conquering DOTA 2 is not easier than conquering a mountain, but DOTA 2 ain’t Everest.


LOL did away with the archaic attribute system prevalent in many online games at their time, much like Skyrim. They decided to give what the player wants directly, not hiding it behind fancy words, but to the point. The name of the stat conveyed clearly what it would give you. DOTA 2 still holds on to these names, though in an effort to lessen burden of knowledge, they reduced stats to just three main ones and a bunch of other direct to the point stats. Also, DOTA 2 provides many stats that provide randomness and chance to the game, while LOL removed all of these so that the game would be easy.


Champion Selection:

Both these games have a huge variety of champions, all with a one of a kind kit. But, their design philosophies are quite different. Most Champions in Lol have different kits with different feel, but the abilities and effects they use are somewhat recycled. A good example here would be Volibear, who has a one of a kind kit and synergy in it, but many of his abilities are borrowed ones. DOTA 2 on the other hand, has a much more novel approach in abilities, though the damage they provide is somewhat similar (max level non ult bursts mostly range from 250 to 300) and only the effects are what differentiate them. Also, it seems LOL prefers use of softer cc that last longer, while DOTA 2 likes hard hitting cc.

LoL champions

DotA heroes










Dota 2 vs league of legends : Heroes


Most Abilities in LOL scale with a certain stat. This gives champs the late game poweress that many players love to have. In order to keep the game more forgiving, soft cc was staple and more prevalent than hard cc. Also, mana only works as a early game gating mechanism, and that also a forgiving one. DOTA 2 on the other hand has more gritty mechanisms; it is a game where hard cc has become the norm. Most abilities do not scale with any stats, and any damaging non percent based ability loses value by the time one reaches late game, where AA start to dominate everything. The abilities and their costs are very punishing in DOTA 2. If you miss, you are screwed. If you connect, your enemy is screwed.



Even though LoL has more players than DotA2, DotA has set a world record of the biggest prize pool in the history of E-Sports on the other hand LoL doesn’t really increase its prize pool on a drastic measure.


prize pool













Dota 2 vs league of legends : Prize pool

All in all, if you want to play casually and don’t let some balance issues hamper your fun, pick LOL. If you can dedicate yourself to a game and have patience to get to the fun part, then DOTA 2 might be just for you. Both the games have their merits and demerits, and it doesn’t mean one is better than the other.


Do share your views and tell me if I missed something out. I would like anyone with a better experience in this issue to share their views so that I can make necessary corrections.

I myself am a DotA2 player so I say it is better so, tell us what you think

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