DJI phantom 3 Reviews: Detailed guide with Modules

DJI Phantom 3 reviewDJI phantom 3 is one of the best drone to buy for the professional work. It is best in all aspects whether it is price or power.  It has many advanced features for experienced fliers .It is very simple to use for beginners as well. Vision positioning system of DJI phantom 3 make it easy for beginners to fly.

In this article detail about DJI phantom 3, DJI phantom 3 professional and DJI phantom 3 advanced is included.

Some basic features, pros and cons of DJI phantom 3 are discussed below.

Features of DJI phantom 3

  • It can record videos up to 2.7k HD.
  • It has 3 axis gimbals camera.
  • You can control the camera and view live stream of the video by an app (DJI pilot) for IOS and Android.
  • It has beginner mode for the beginners.
  • Comes with aircraft body, remote controller, four pair of propellers, battery and charger, a micro USB, vibration absorbers, extensive manuals online, power cable.
  • GPS position hover
  • Vision position system
  • Easy to use and understand the control


  • Everyone can fly it easily
  • Fast GPS processing
  • Incredible videos
  • 4k camera
  • Two sensors on camera

DJI phantom 3 has many features now let’s see what its model, DJI phantom 3 professional offers.

DJI phantom 3 professional:

Whenever something is purchased so first thing is do we know how to use it?

In case of DJI phantom 3 professional no need to worry about the use because from take off to landing the drone is under your control.

With phantom 3 professional you can record 4k videos capturing 12 megapixels photos.

Its advanced remote is built specially for the aerial photography. It has range of up to 3.1 miles, with the help of remote you can bring your drone back at a press of a button. It has 100 watt battery charger.

Some common features of phantom 3 professional and advanced are.

It has 3 axis gimbals.

 Its signal range is approximately up to 1 mile.

Its flight time is 23 minutes.

Features of DJI phantom 3 professional

  • 4k resolution
  • 12 mega pixels stills
  • 30 FPS with 4k and 60FPS with 1080P
  • The price of DJI phantom 3 professional is $999.

DJI phantom 3 advanced:

DJI phantom 3 advanced captures amazing full HD videos. It is very easy for beginners to start flying with the help of its safety features. Its controllers, excellent camera and flight performance makes it safe to fly. It has 57 watt charger.DJI phantom 3 has advanced intelligent flight system.

If you lost the remote control or battery is low so no need to worry. If you have phantom 3 advanced so your drone will come back itself.

You can take off automatically with one tap in DJI pilot app; your drone will start and rise up to the desired height. Then you will direct it to the direction you want to go.

It has also automatic return home option when GPS is available. With the tap of a single button your drone can come back.

  Some common features of phantom 3 professional and advanced.

  • It has 3 axis gimbals.
  • Its signal range is up to 1 mile.
  • Its flight time is 23 minutes.

Features of DJI phantom 3 advanced

  • 1080p resolution
  • 12 megapixel stills
  • 60FPS with 1080p
  • 7K camera

             The price of DJI phantom 3 advanced is $799.


            No obstacle avoidance detection


All the models of phantom 3 are best. You have to keep your purpose in mind and buy according to that. All the models of DJI phantom 3 have waypoints, course locks, follow me, point of interest, return to home, real time battery monitoring, flight time estimation and many more.

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