Crack Windows 7 Password

Crack windows 7 password to get admin access is not a difficult task now. If you want to hack into a PC without changing the password. Then this tiny and perfect software mimikatz  can help you to perform these tasks easily and efficiently.

One important point to note is that you must be logged on as  Administrator  to crack the logon Password of the system you want.

The plus point of this software is that it automatically converts the LM & NTLM Hashes obtained from SAM file to plain text. I will discuss these terminologies at end of article. And you don’t have to change password or overwrite it just view it and then Logon at any time without the notice of System Administrator.

This software is provided by gentilkiwi. You can download (.zip) archive from GitHub Repository.


**Please switch off your antivirus before running this software. This is not a virus but as it overrides the SAM database in which password is stored so antivirus blocks this software. The above link is 100% clean and virus free 

Once you have downloaded the software you will have a folder called mimikatz_trunk.

Now for 32-bit users open Win32 folder and 64-bit user open x64 folder. Lets assume you have a 32-bit operating system. So open Win32 and Right-Click mimikatz.exe select “Run as Administrator”  and then you will see a window. Shown in Figure 1

Figure 1



Now you have the software so I will show you how to crack windows 7 password. Type this command in console.


And if you have opened the software as an administrator you will see a message  shown in Figure 2. I have highlighted the message for your convenience.

Figure 2


Now you just have to type a last command. Type

sekurlsa::LogonPasswords Full

and you will see your password as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3


As you can see above it worked and is showing my password in plain text form. My password is “asd”.

Now what it does?

Basically to crack windows 7 password with this software is an easy job. Your windows Logon passwords are saved in the form of NTLM Hashes in a protected file named as SAM . You cannot read content of this file with any software. It is located in C:\Windows\System32\config. So this software just reads the hashes stored in the SAM file and convert them to plain text form.


If you cannot get admin privileges to crack windows 7 admin password then here how you can get admin privileges.

First create shortcut of mimikatz.exe as shown below

shortcut screenshot

After that Right-Click on shortcut and select the last option “Properties” then you will see a window like below

propeties screenshot

Click on “Advanced” tab at bottom-right and an other window will open up check the option “Run as Administrator”

And now you have Admin privileges to run this software.

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