A Complete Guide To Get Payoneer MasterCard and Verified Paypal

A Complete guide to get Payoneer MasterCard and Verified Paypal account idea came in my mind today when i was searching for different topics. Here i would like to share some snap of past.

Back in 2010 when I was entered in the online world, the first question which came in mind that time was how I will cash out the amount which can be earned from different online activities. It was too hard to find the best alternate of the one and only trusted online banks in the world with the name of PayPal. Than i found Payoneer MasterCard and after that i forgot everything, from transaction to withdraw, receiving, transferring, buying and etc.

A complete guide to get Payoneer MasterCard and Verified Paypal account Here I will try to share all the knowledge for which a reader search different communities and though do not find the exact answer.
So here the first question most of the customer which want to know is what exactly payoneer MasterCard? and on which way it work?

What is Payoneer Master Card?

Payoneer master card is an online/ web cash processing service through which you can withdraw money from any ATM machine through their master card. In case if you don’t have Payoneer Master card? Apply here and you will get the card totally free world wide without any charges. The only reason due to which today payoneer master card is in the pocket of every person especially in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and some other countries where PayPal do not work.

payoneer mastercard signup page

Payoneer Master card office

Payoneer Master Card main office is located in New York City near R&DD office.it was established in 2005 with the collaboration of Choice Bank of America with $ 2 Million. Furthermore some other invested have invested their money in 2007. Big companies who are using payoneer services are Elance, Odesk, Fiverr, 99designs, Airbnb, Digital River, istockphotos and Google. (Source Wikipedia).

Benefits of Payoneer Master card

As this post titled is A Complete guide to get  Payoneer MasterCard and verified Paypal account, so the aim is to provide more accurate and relevant information to make the procedure more simple and easy for the loyal readers.
If we start counting the benefits of Payoneer card, than it would be difficult for me to complete the whole post in less than a week… However it would be good for me as well as for the reader to share only the relevant and most wanted benefits of Payoneer debit MasterCard.

No Need of a Bank Account

For getting any bank account. You will need to have a valid NIC with other important document and by following the standard process which might take more than a week. In the case of payoneer you don’t need such things or any bank account for the verification process. Just Go to Signup page. Full fill the requirement with NIC verification and DONE. Also it offer free united state Bank account (US)

24/7 Fund Availability

According to payoneer the fund receiving time is 2 hours. But the best ever experience which I have with Payoneer is that whenever I transferred my fund to Payoneer it took on AVG 30 min. it mean the fund transferring is much more faster than any other service. Also they have 24 hours service of checking your balance any time in your account.

Online Shopping without any Security issues

The 1st problem with our banking system is that they are not much advance so always the customers face different problems while purchasing something online. And the 2nd thing is that most of the customer including me are afraid from using local bank account internationally. To avoid these 2 problems we have a best alternate in the form of Payoneer MasterCard which give you complete freedom to buy anything. You can purchase anything from EBay, Amazon. Alibaba, also you can purchase hosting, themes and different type of software’s for your blogging and PC.
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You might be interested in 16 Premium WordPress themes for Blogging

Free US Bank Account

The opening of US account for the people who lived outside from US was not much easy as it is now a days. The only chances to open a bank account there at that time was when you visit to United States. But as we people know that it was too difficult for 90% people to do this. Here a Complete payment process came with the name of Payoneer MasterCard an account of choice bank of America. Further I will explore the method of how you can connect your Payoneer account with US bank.

Payment withdraw from PayPal to Payoneer MasterCard

As we all knows that PayPal is one of the most popular online system through which you can withdraw your fund, send money and purchase anything online very securely. This is the only bank account on which people have blind trust. Now the problem which arise here is that PayPal do not accept some countries like Pakistan, India Bangladesh Vietnam etc due to some security issues and fraudulent activities. Through Payoneer Debit MasterCard you can add your US bank account and can withdraw, Receive and send Money to any PayPal account worldwide. Once you get your US bank account Service, than you can easily link your papal account with Payoneer without worrying about the limitation etc. not only PayPal but there are so many other countries which accept US bank service like Facebook, EBay, Amazon, 2checkout etc.as we earlier told this that this is a complete guide of Payoneer MasterCard so you will also learn the procedure of how to activate US bank service and link PayPal to Payoneer.

Payoneer MasterCard Fees

Either you are a freelancer, Blogger, small business man or having a business on large scale. Payoneer master card will also charge a low amount of fee which you may can’t capture on first glance. Below is the chart as well as original image of fees charging of payoneer card
• Payoneer MasterCard Signup charges = $25 (they charge when you get your 1st payment in Payoneer)
• Per Transaction Payoneer MasterCard fee = $3.15
• Transaction cancellation charges = $1
• Account balance checking charges = $1
• Card replacement charges = $12.95
• Payoneer MasterCard Annual charges = $29.95

payoneer mastercard fees structer

Get Payoneer MasterCard – Step by Step Guide

Here I will take help from one of my previous article written on Fastblogtips. If you are here it mean you want to get Payoneer MasterCard for online work without. I have got 3 payoneer master card in 2 weeks without any trouble. Now the question which came in the mind of different people are that Is there any secrete behind this? The answer is No. the only thing which I care was the use of original and correct information. Before applying for payoneer master card, one thing to be remember. Don’t apply on such address which google map do not catch easily.

Step By Step guide to Payoneer MasterCard Signup process

1- Firstly you will need to go to payoneer MasterCard homepage by Clicking Here

payoneer signup form

2- Here you will see some basic information related to you for which Payoneer demanding.
Your first name, Last name, and Surname (Common name with other family members like Khan, which came in the last of mostly Pathan families).
Your Email address, Country name, Home address as well as city name and a postal zip code (for finding your location search google for more info) phone and Mobile number.

Payoneer mastercard signup

3- The 2nd step contain your user name information as well as Password, and security questions. Whenever you are Applying for payoneer MasterCard, remember your security question as that are the only way to get back your card In case of you lost the login.

payoneer mastercard application form

4- The 3rd and the last step of Payoneer MasterCard Application required information like country of birth, nationality, and National ID card Digits, the name which will be appear on Credit Card front and country where the card will be issue. (take care while filling this form, also try to use the name matchable with your bank account if you have)

signup form of payoneer

5- And here all we done… you will a confirmation MESSAGE like below.Payoneer in pakistan

How to Activate Payoneer MasterCard?

According to payoneer the AVG time of the arrival of the card is 2-4 weeks. However some of the lucky peoples like me receive their cards earlier, mine one reached within 2 weeks.
Once you got your Payoneer debit MasterCard. Login Your Account, here you will see a box showing MSG of activate you Card. Provide the valid information like your card number and the pin code which can be further use for transaction and

THe activation of payoneer


You are now able to use the card for any purpose online. One thing I would like to share once again that the delivery time depend on the location. If your location is google map visible with good reputation and ease to send and receive any thing. You will get the card within 2 work. However if not than it might will take up to 3 week.
Through this easy method you can also get your Payoneer MasterCard very easily.

Get Verify PayPal Account through Payoneer

After the receiving of Payoneer MasterCard now the second step which came is the verification of your Paypal account through Payoneer. Paypal need some basic information which can be easily found once you check your card and payoneer account. I will also try to share the snapshot for better understanding.
Sign in your PayPal account. Click on the option get verified or link and confirm my debit or credit card.verified paypal through payoneer

Below the profile account, a new dropdown menu will be appeared, click their on the option of add debit or credit card.

get payoneer mastercard

On the above image as you are seeing that the arrow is going toward Link and Confirm my card. Just tick that and click continue.
Now here they want some information from you like your first and last name.
The card type which would be MasterCard. Card number which you can easily see on the backside of your Payoneer MasterCard, Insert that digits. Now select the expiry date of your card mention on the front side of your card. Now add the 3 digit CVV which will be giving on the back side of Payoneer MasterCard near 16 digits. Now finally add the billing address, if you didn’t remember? Just go to your Payoneer account and take your address from there.

get cvv digit in payoneer master card

3 digit CVV code example

final information of verifying aypl through payoneer

Now go to your Payoneer MasterCard and check either PayPal have charged any amount from your account. Also see the 4 digit codes sent to you from PayPal side for the verification process. Once the procedure is completed. The transaction amount they have charged will be refunded to your account back.
Congratulation you have got a verified PayPal account through payoneer.

Link Payoneer US Payment Service with PayPal

A Complete guide to get Payoneer MasterCard and Verified Paypal Account step by step guide is entered into the last stage which is the activation and Linking of US payment service with PayPal for further withdraw and transaction. Below are the step for enabling your US Payment Service.
1- Go to payoneer login page and get in your account.
2- Click on the Link US payment service under receive Payment Service.
3- Here you will find the info of Account name, Routing number, and account type.

Complete guide to Payoneer mastercard and Paypal account

Now go to your PayPal account and Login. Then move your mouse cursor on the “profile”. Further click on “add or edit US bank account” select verify my bank account and continue.

Here you will required to put the detail of your US bank account (Mentioned above) click on the checking option. Put your payoneer routing and account number. And click to continue.
Once you link your PayPal account with Payoneer, wait for 2-3 days. PayPal will send you 2 small amount of payments for testing purpose. (You will get the notification on your email) once you get it. Open your payoneer account. Just note the 2 transaction amount.
Now login to your PayPal Account. Click again on get verified option and click on confirm bank account.


Here PayPal will demand to show the deposit amount they have sent to your PayPal account. Just paste the amount and click on submit button.


Click Submit…… Congratulation Your PayPal account is completely verified. One thing to be remember, while applying for US payment process you must have $3-4 in your payoneer card so during linking process PayPal can deduct their small amount for testing purpose.
So this was the complete guide of getting Payoneer MasterCard and a verified paypal account step by step guide. If you have any question or suggestion in your mind. Don’t be hesitate in commenting or hitting contact us page.

Image Source (Payoneer Affiliate)


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