A Complete Guide to Get Google AdSense Account Approved

After the creation of a successful blog the purpose of every blogger is to increase blog traffic and generate Money.  The purpose of writing a complete guide to get Google AdSense account approved is to share the best ever method of getting AdSense account and to help those newbies as well as old bloggers who have/haven’t AdSense account but have no idea of how to get/ monetize and earn money from it through their blogs.

My first purpose is to cover AdSense from all aspect including signup process to maximizing and earning decent amount of revenue.

The 2nd purpose of writing this post is to bring the basic rules in front of blogger due to which their account get banned.

And the 3rd purpose is if your AdSense become banned than which Google AdSense Alternative will be better to use on your blog.

I will also recommend some of the best WordPress themes list for getting higher revenue in the post.

Mostly people search for:

What is Google AdSense Account?

What are the requirement for applying Google AdSense?

Tips to do before applying for Google AdSense Account?

How to get Google AdSense account fast & ways to increase AdSense earning?

So here we go for the first Question that is

WHAT IS GOOGLE ACCOUNT?Complete guide to get google adsense accout in 2015

According to Wikipedia “Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google

The revenue generated through Google AdSense might be CPC (Cost per click) method or CPM (Cost per Impression)

Please be patient, do not go directly for the creation of AdSense account. First read the whole article. Implement the tricks tips tactics what you call and then check your blog that either it’s eligible or not for this program.

How AdSense Work?

how google adsense work to get paid

The concept of how AdSense work is as simple as shown below. Just create an Ad space in your blog, Go to Google AdSense Account and copy the code according to the ad Space and paste it there. ALL DONE! Congratulation you are able to earn money now as the ads will be showing their on your blog.

How Much I Can Earn From AdSense?

The Question which mostly newbies ask after getting AdSense account is that how much I will earn if I display the ads on my website. According to Google it’s impossible to get the answer of this question because the earning depend on 3 main factors.

Type of Ads:how much i can earn from google adsense

The commission depend on 2 things, the first one is your niche. On some niche advertiser are paying very good amount up to $33 per click. For more information about the selection of profitable niche you can read my post Top 15 most profitable niche to start blogging in 2015. And the amount which advertiser are paying for the specific keyword. The amount per click which I am earning is 0.02- 0.50 cent per click while mostly the traffic is from US. Below is the screenshot of my account.

 get full approve of google adsensegoogle adsense earning state

According to Google there is no such calculator which can give you the exact per click earning. I think it will be not possible for anyone to give the answer of the question that how much I will earn from AdSense. Every advertiser have their own choice of how much they pay per click. But how ever after studying different case studies one point which I understand is that you can earn more money from AdSense in the competitive niches like make money and insurance. Even Google is not revealing the exact amount of earning per click. If you check the above performance report. The page views per day are 59,394. The clicks which I received on my blog are 1,758. Now go to the CPC and you will see that is $0.19. Now simply multiply this amount with clicks and you will know the earning amount that is $334.02.  I will further explain CTR, RPM and CPC in this post.

Earning money from Google AdSense also depend on:

  • Targeted Traffic (Mostly people like USA traffic).
  • Ads Placement.
  • Quality and scheduled base content.
  • Website Template (for more Click HERE)

More ways are discuss in the last of this post. But one thing to remember. Never rely on only 1 source of earning. As this is an online world. And anything can happen anytime. Same in the case of Google AdSense. Its earning is not stable and fluctuation happens on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

My earning from AdSense is much better than most of the people. But I didn’t trust on 1 source of earning money. So the best and ever green alternate of Google AdSense from which I earning more than Google AdSense is the affiliate marketing. I will share a brief review on Affiliate marketing in my upcoming post.

Let’s take a start!

  • Create Your Website for Google AdSense

A complete Guide to Get Google AdSense Account approved first step is the creation of a blog. But firstly you have to search and select the favorite niche on which you can easily write contents. For more visit Top 15 most profitable niche to start blogging.

After the selection of your favorite niche register your domain name and hosting (if you haven’t) at Namecheap and BlueHost (highly recommended) and go for design. For quality WordPress themes/designs visit Premium WordPress themes for blogging.

Once you have done with all the above process now it’s time to start earning money from AdSense. But before applying for Google AdSense you have to keep some points in your mind. For more read 12 things to know before applying for Google AdSense.

Apply For Google AdSense!

Before applying for Google Adsense Account remember the point that you have at least 300-500 traffic /day on your blog with AVG 30-50 quality contents.

Go to https://www.google.com/adsense/start/

google adsense signup process

After clicking get Started button the google will ask from you about the creation of your account with existing google account or want to create new one. If you have already Gmail account then click on the option yes proceed to Google account. If you haven’t any Gmail account then select the 2nd option.

ways to get google adsense faster approval

I have already Google Account so I clicked on Yes proceed to Google Sign in. remember both option are same once the account creation process completed. After browsing you see a MSG in which Google asking for “tell us about your content” .

ways to get fully approved google adsense

As mentioned earlier the aim behind the creation of a complete guide to get Google AdSense account is to tells those all method, techniques procedure through and adopting which you can able to generate some decent amount from your living room.

Enter your website name, select the language in which you write contents and hit continue.

A new page with submit your application will be opened. Fill the form as showing below.

how to get google adsense account

  • Enter Your Name
  • Timing accordingly
  • Are you individual or business organization. (select the right one)
  • Enter the pay name. 1 Think here to be noted that use the name which match to your bank account as well as National ID card to get payment without any problem.
  • Add the location where you live. It’s not necessary to match with your national ID card or bank address.
  • Add your contact number (correct one) and postal code (postal code address) which you can get easily from google/ nearest post office where you live.
  • Below 2 step are simple. Select any and hit submit my Google AdSense Application.

After the submission just go to your email address and there you will find an email like this:

full adsense guide

As show in the image above, on this stage Google want to put their ad banner on your website. Simply go to google account and create an ad unit.

But here most of the people get confused about the ad space size. So I have a chart for you.

how to get adsense account easily

Best place to put google AdSense Ads for High revenue?

The complete guide to get Google AdSense approved another guide is the placement of right ads place. As we know that every website owner want to get maximum revenue from his/her blog.  So he/she may also know that the ad which gives more impression can give better result instead of those with no or less impression. The best ads placement also tell us the about the greater CTR (click through rate). I would like to share my Google AdSense CTR with you people.

adsense CTR

What Is CTR?

“According to Google Support CTR is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown expressed as a percentage (clicks ÷ impressions = CTR)”

Higher CTR mean that people are liking your ad and so you are getting clicks.

Best Space for Ads Placemat!

  • Top corner Ad

One of the best place to put your AdSense advertisement is the top right corner of your website. You just try to visit any weblog. Will surely find an ad on this place. The reason behind the selection or giving more priority to this ad place is the high CTR.

  • Right Sidebar

Right sidebar place is one of my favorite ad place where mostly I receive higher return instead of others. This is because when you open any website. The first impression which the website receive is the right side after navigation etc.

  • Above the post (inside)

It’s one of the best place to display your Google AdSense Ads as the ad in this place look like content. Also the ad which appear in this place are more related to the open content. So the chances become higher with greater CTR.

  • Below the Post.

This is the place where people mostly give attention after ending the post. As we know that google always show related content. So on this place mostly visitor get related ad and so they click on it for more learning.

Tips to Get Google AdSense Account approved for your Blog/Website.

As we previously discussed the 10 Things to know before applying for Google AdSense Account. But In this complete guide to get Google AdSense account we will try to share some more important point to make the procedure more secure for you. As most of us know that google is going more and stricter for Asian countries due to scam activities. But if you follow the right method, then the approval will not become any problem for you. I got my AdSense account within 3 days through genuine method and only 200-300 per day traffic. The total content on that time at my website was I think 25-30. If you think that you are smarter and can create number of AdSense. Then it’s your thought only as majorly they caught person at the time of payoutJ. People us so many method to get Faster Google AdSense account and mostly they win. But at the last they get nothing due to their Advanced Algorithm system.

For the purpose of getting Complete and genuine AdSense Account you have to keep the below points in your mind. By keeping the below point and proper implementation you will get your Google AdSense Account like me without any problem and with genuine way.

High Quality Content!

If you are a newbie or Old blogger. You should know the importance of High quality content for any website. Quality content is the key of success to get your AdSense Account More fast. Quality content doesn’t mean to re write the content and make it plagiarism free. Quality content mean to do proper research and after that came up with a new ideas that users love. Quality Contents include plagiarism free researchable Content and Images that are not copied from any other website (try to use IstockPhoto). Also do not use Embed Videos as Google strictly against the use of Embed videos. One another question which mostly visitors ask is the use of AdSense Account on Picture/ humor websites. According to Google Rules/Regulation/TOS the use of AdSense on such website may result the ban of your AdSense. Also I have seen many people who are using AdSense Account on Such website on which they share Crack/ copied Content. Which is not a good sign. But if you still want to use your AdSense account on Image sharing blog. Then I have 2 simple tips for you:

  • Try to Write at least 100-150 words unique article with your image.
  • Use the right ALT Text in your picture.

   Write Content on Regular basis.

Before applying for Google AdSense account, make it sure that you have at least posted 30-50 contents on your blog. It play a vital role. No or less amount of content mean no Google AdSense Account. Only content doesn’t mean to just write and post. Content mean quality with proper keyword research which have value. The more quality content with regular updating of your blog and highly targeted keyword mean more chances of getting your AdSense account.

Website Design and Loading Speed

Let suppose you go to a website and found that the design of that website is old fashioned or unprofessional. Also the loading speed is low. Then will you go their next time? For me I think will never visit that blog. Same here Google do. If your website is facing the above 2 problems, than forget about getting AdSense Account as Google love professional and fast loading website. For the purpose of getting approval of full AdSense Account. You should need to have a professional good looking website with awesome speed.

Avoid the publishing of Prohibited contents

Many people are complaining about the ban of their AdSense account. If you are one of them. Than kindly check your website content. That either there any type of illegal contents are available like pornography, Cracking, Hacking related tips and tricks, or any other illegal activities). AdSense also do not allow embedded videos from Google or any other website.  Pictures also came in the same categories. Applying or using your AdSense Account on any niche mentioned above will gives you a nice gift in the shape of Banning your AdSense Account. So, try to fully avoid anything which came in the above category and to get fully approved AdSense Account.

Are you Getting Low Traffic?

The first question out of three which any person ask from you will be “I am getting 100-200 visitors on my blog, Am I able to apply for Google AdSense”

The answer is “NO”

Google AdSense Do not much care about your website traffic. All they need is only and Only Quality contents, awesome website speed and your website design. I got my AdSense account on only 150 visitors per day with only 32 posts. You can also get your AdSense Account by following above easy steps.

Why I am no longer making so much cash With AdSense?

In Google AdSense Complete Guide to get google AdSense approved AdSense Account for your blog, I will also share the reasons due to which you are unable to get high cash.

Some of the reasons are following:

You are not Getting Much Traffic

As most of us knows that AdSense mostly pay $0.10-0.40 per click on AVG. so if your website have less or AVG traffic of 500/day. Than it become very difficult to earn up to $2 per day. You have to face the reality that only few people click on Ads (1-5%) based on their interest. Mean 5-10 clicks which mean $0.80- $1.50 (estimation). So the first lesson for you is to increase your weblog traffic by quality contents, Internal and external linking as well as on page and Off Page SEO etc.

Low Paying Niche

I receive a lot of Messages on Facebook daily. That we have an awesome traffic but still unable to generate an good amount of cash from AdSense. There are too many reasons but the 1 and most accurate according to different experts is the low paying niche. Financial, technology and health related website will gives you probably more revenue than other niches. For more about niches visit Top 15 most profitable niches of 2015

Not relevant nor specific to a Niche.

According to senior expert as well as my own experience, Google pay more to a website related to a specific niche instead of those who target many topics. Because the advertisement on specific niche are highly targeted. And so the visitor click through rate is more due to related ads showing there.

So if you want to earn more and if you want greater CTR? Try to do blogging specifically to one niche.

Some Best Alternative of Google AdSense!

There are too many people who lost their AdSense account due to some reason or not getting approved AdSense account.

Most of the bloggers when got rejected from AdSense, they stop blogging as according to them the only network which pay online is Google AdSense.  But let me clarify this, that AdSense is not the only way to earn money online. There are too many other platform for whom you can apply and generate decent income.

Let me share one of the screenshot of my Taboola Account

taboola earning state vs Google adsense

So if you also in the list of those people who are not getting approved AdSense Account. Then you can apply for the following program and can generate decent income.

  • Chitika
  • Infolinks
  • Buysellads
  • net
  • Superlinks
  • Amazon Associate
  • Popads
  • Yllix Media
  • Tribal fusion
  • Adversal
  • Revenue hits
  • Clicksor
  • Kontera
  • Vibrant Media
  • Adside
  • Qadabra
  • Bidvertisor
  • Taboola
  • ad

Final thought!

Google AdSense Complete guide to get Fully AdSense Account approved came to its end. But 1 thing to remember, never put all eggs in 1 basket. If you think that AdSense is the only network which pay. You are 100% wrong. There are more than 128 ways through which you can earn money online. There are also a list of best alternative to Google AdSense mentioned in the post which might be helpful for you.

If you have any suggestion/question regarding to the approval of Google AdSense account. Ask in below comment box. I will be happy to guide you.

Below is the screenshot of latest payment which I got from Google AdSense.

A complete Guide to Get Google Adsense Account approved


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