Can the upcoming arrival of the new iPhone 7 benefit your mobile productiveness?

Mobile phone is changing our lives, today having a mobile phone means that you have an easy access to your documents, photos, meetings call and everything in your pocket. You can get many tools in your mobile phone so that your work becomes easy for you and you can do any job easily and more conveniently. Today, in this fast growing world we have different mobile phones the main companies are Apple’s iphone and Samsung Galaxy series.

As we know in the past that apple has launched his tremendous mobile iphone in the market which has created a large market share for apple. So in the coming months iphone 7 is expecting and there are many gossips and rumors about this phone. This new mobile device of apple will be the decider, because apple market shares are highly depends on the handset features, as apple has a biggest competitor Samsung already launched many new design mobile in the market so this apple has to think really carefully and efficiently.

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There are many good and advanced features in the upcoming iPhone model, which will for sure increase the productivity and reliability of this product. The amazing features of this handset are given below:


As we have seen previously in the iphone 6, the screen size was quite large as compare to the previous versions of apple iphone. The size of iphone 6 was 4.7 inches which was quite easy to use and people were very attract toward this feature. So the new iphone seven will also have a bigger screen size which will increase the productivity like now we can see our favorite pictures on the bigger screen than before.


Iphone was not very good regarding their battery life and their customers are not very happy but this time apple is doing very hard for their battery life. The new iphone 7 will have 3000 maH battery which will increase the standby time and also the usage time will also be increase. Now the iphone customer can play long games, listen to their favorite music as long as they can and they can also use their handset more efficiently.


In the past there are few phones which come with a laser keyboard and due to this unique quality they were among the best phones for office use. So it is expected that this iphone will have a laser keyboard and if this is correct it will create a big advantage for the business man because they will use the iphone more than their laptop and pc because it is easy for them to use the iphone with a keyboard and it will really increase the productivity as everyone can type as quick as possible with a bigger keyboard.


16GB, 64GB and 120GB of space will be provided in the new iphone  which will increase the productivity and space for iphone users. Iphone is very much famous for its big space capacity, now every user can use this memory to save their personal data and use it whenever they need it.


So finally in the conclusion we can see a clear difference between iphone 7 and all other handsets. The new handset by apple inc will for sure increase the productivity and output capacity of this phone. Apple users are very much attach to their Apple handset as they feel satisfy with their product. For sure the latest feature of the this new Smartphone will benefit the mobile performance. We will get new piece of RAM, new camera, bigger battery, more space, which will increase the overall performance of this new handset; the handset will be more smoother, easy to access and with a wider screen also. Iphone also targets business an elite class, when BlackBerry stops the production of their business handsets iphone take advantage of that and they target the elite class and this was really helpful as it increases the market share of iphone in the market. The most interesting thing in this iphone 7 will be the laser keyboard as it will be very useful app for all users but it will be the best feature for a business class person, who type many words in his word assignment and now he can do it with his latest iphone with the help of laser keyboard feature.