British Develops an invisible Drone


British develops invisible Drone

According to the details received by us British develops an invisible Drone which cannot be seen just its voice can be heard when it is coming towards targeted place and going back after the attack. It can fly with a speed of 1100 Km per hour.

Drones are used in situations where manned flight is considered too risky or difficult. They are like airplanes used in wars between different countries.
The company which has been developed this Drone Is hold by David Cotts who is the owner of the company, Mr. David Cotts challenged that even radar cannot judge it. I must say it’s a modern and most dangerous weapon at all.
It must be kept in mind that Drones are using as a weapon against ongoing war and terror across the world but this invisible Drone which is develops by British is one of the best Drones in all over the world.

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