what is Blog, Blogging and Blogger

Questions like what is blog, blogging and blogger comes in the beginner’s mind, those who plan and wish for creating a blog first. This is the post meant for beginners and all newbies to know about these three terms. These newbies and beginners hear almost every day about these terms and really don’t know the meaning of these terms. So all newbies and beginners let’s start to explore these terms here:

What is a “Blog”?

What is blog blogging and blogger

By entering this keyword in the search engine almost you can find answers in million, but the purpose of my post that is what is blog is to present here few definition in several ways to give enough idea to the beginner.

In simple words a blog is a special personal magazine/journal/newsletter or diary which is more often and regularly updated through which people do express themselves as well share their knowledge to the world. It is a place where a person’s passion, opinions and considerations are shared and hence can be presented to the targeted people around the world. Thus we can say its one’s own website which is well-run on a daily basis. The term blog came out from a word weblog.

Some other definitions are as follows:

  • “The group or collection of columns and posts which includes short, formal, informal, personal and controversial ones with newest one updated on the very top is called “blog””
  • According to Wikipedia:

“A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first)”(source)

Characteristics of a Blog:

  • Option to comment for the people on a blog post.
  • Blog includes links which are used to grow the interaction of the blog.
  • The posts on the blogs usually contain links as well which are being hyperlinked with the post for reader’s accessibility.
  • Blog contains Groups of posts which are updated in sequential order and recent one appears on the very top.
  • Blog do also contains a plugin which helps in sending any post updated on the blog to the social networks like Facebook page and twitter.
  • The blog posts also do contains texts and images which increase the interest level of the readers in post.
  • The blog should must contain an about page as well as the readers come to know about the blogger him/herself who intends to share knowledge with the world.

Thus in simple words we can a blog it a part of software which allows the blogger to write on his/her diary and the shared information/knowledge is called posts which is showed on the very front page to the readers to have accessibility to those posts.

Now the part of this question what is blog, blogging and blogger has been described in easy words, the next term to explore is blogging so here we go.

What is Blogging?

what is blog, blogging and blogger

The required skills and technical knowledge which is needed to run a blog is called blogging. The expertise includes in knowing about search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, how to publish posts, Themes, designs for the blog.

Blogging has been cross the threshold and has caught attention of many people a hobby, business and for many other purposes. Millions of people even those who do not have sufficient technical knowledge about blogging write on their blog a due to availability of wonderful platforms like Word press, Blogger, trembler and many others.

Blogging business has been in trend due to which many people are making their living through blogging. You can read the journey of one of the successful blogger who find many shortcomings and troubles in getting successful in blogging but with passion and curiosity he is making his living . There are so many ways to make money online among which one way is through blogging. You can read our previous post ways to make money online here also a crucial topic to which you must give a read about Google AdSense here.

In the prior time internet was used to get information through simple one-sided conversational websites but with the passage of time internet has been used for transnational and business purposes and the one way conversational websites turned in to two way conversational websites with the emergence of social webs and blogs where the contents which are generated by the users plays an important role in today’s world.

The trend of the blogging emerged in 1990’s with the intention to provide online diaries where people started posting about their lives, views and opinions regularly thus with the passage of time communicating and interacting characteristics like adding comments and some other features were added to convert it in to two way conversation and make it more interacting with the readers.

To be a successful blogger and entering in to a blogging profession the person needs to know about the following things like:

  1. Quality contents to write on a blog which should trendy as well as exclusive.
  2. The instructions to follow about search engine optimization, in short one should have expertise in search engine optimization
  3. In blogging you need to be good in social media marketing.
  4. You need to rely on yourself as in blogging business one can hire freelancers but the basic knowledge of blogging you should must have expertise in it.

So if you have a passion and patience you can five so many tips in blogging career and can explore enough through several posts done by successful blogger. Now the second term of the question what is blog, blogging and blogger has been explained and the last term of the question remaining to explore. Thus in the last section of the article I would like to explain who is blogger, so let’s explore these term here.

Who is blogger?

what is blog, blogging and blogger

Somebody who has expertise, passion, required skills, interest and patience to write contents to run the blog is called blogger. Remember one thing the “passion and interest” are the main elements which a person need for blogging as this passion keep motivates and a person desire to learn professionally.

I hope every newbies reader got the answer of what is blog, blogging and blogger as everything has been explained in simple words to make it easy to all newbies learners.

So dear newbies are you all ready for blogging? Share your passion and interest in comments.

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