BlackBerry To Sell 5 Million Phones This Year or Leave Smartphone Industry

The unwell situation at BlackBerry is not hidden from anyone now. A while back, the new administration also made it clear that its first focus was on its enterprise sector and after that their priority is towards consumer market.

Now the critical period has arrived. The highly realistic CEO of BlackBerry John S. Chen has revealed that his company’s goal is to sell 5 million smart phones a year, or either it will the market which it has dominated clearly.

The figure of 5 million may not be seem much to a lot of people, but the company has just sold 800,000 phones in the last quarter and are more serious in order to achieve their goals.

Priv: The Android Running BlackBerry Phone

The next priority of the company is clearly the Android smartphone “Priv”, which Chen also proceeded to reveal. The phone introduces the Android smartphone of present time in a sliding form factor, the slider concealing the famous keyboard of BlackBerry.

It is said to be thinner than Note 5, it also offers the renowned security of BlackBerry and also the expensive ecosystem of Android together but whether the materialization of BlackBerry in the android ecosystem be any different to Nokia’s remains to be seen.

It is expected that the Android lollipop running device may come this November with snapdragon 808, biometric sense touch and 18mp camera.

Using the Android it wouldn’t mean that the BlackBerry will end up entirely on its own BB10 OS. However, Chen noted the demand for those phones is drying into the consumer market is mostly found in high-security business. Whether his company will be using BB10 in next two years time, he couldn’t tell it surely. Chen also noted that the only phone which claims to provide higher security than his own is the BlackPhone, claims that BlackBerry has itself so publically rebuked in the past.

With this “2016 or bust” strategy in mind, we finally have got a clue about the company’s goals for the future. The next some quarters are surely among the crucial in its history.

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