Hotspot Shield Just Released Best Free VPN Proxy Extension for Chrome and Firefox

Hotspot shield best free VPN Proxy extension

According to Google Searches over 3 Million people are searching for the Best Free VPN Proxy Extension for their chrome and Firefox Browser. And mostly in result they get 2 software listed in top category Zenmate and Hola. Personally I am not satisfied from both as the one is paid with 7 days trail base and the other one is too difficult to understand.

Hotspot Shield one of the most popular paid as well as best free VPN Proxy Provider with more than 350 Million downloads till now. Surprisingly they launched their new browser VPN Proxy Extension plugin for Firefox as well as Google Chrome. The Most excited news is that the VPN is totally free with No advertisement. Have a look to their email

I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to reach out to you to see if you were interested in covering a significant update that Hotspot Shield has recently released. We have just released an HSS browser plugin for Chrome as well as Firefox. Some cool things about this plugin:

  • it’s completely free
  • no ads
  • 5 virtual locations available
  • unlimited

Here are the links for it in case you were interested in checking them out further:

Since Pakistanis prefer an ad-free experience and are also against bandwidth limitations that accompany any free VPNs in the market, we are excited to provide them with these plugins. We are hoping that you will help us spread the word through Diary Inc so that we can reach more users with this exciting new development! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


Mehreen Hai

AnchorFree Inc.

This is the first time Hotspot shield Is offering there Free VPN Proxy without any advertisement, and unlimited bandwidth to visit the banned website in your country including Facebook, Netflix as well as Popular streaming website like YouTube etc.

According to the country manager of Anchor free Mehreen in conversation, there aim is to provide freedom and access to those website which there government do not allow.

So it’s a golden opportunity for the people of those countries who mostly rely on paid VS Free VPN proxies like Pakistan where 60,000 + website were blacklisted or blocked. Same in the case of china where one of the main social network even Facebook is not working, so people are accessing to such webs through Free VPN proxies. Same in the case of china where Reddit and Wikipedia is even not working.

Beside these all VPN is not just for blacklisted or Porn websites. People access with the help of these VPN to streamed websites link Netflix which is mostly not available in every country.

According to the country manager Mehreen the aim behind the creation of Hotspot Shield one of the best free VPN proxy extension is to provide quality to the customers as they are stocked now a days to do what and to install which software. So through Hotspot Shield VPN extension one can easily install it and by installing you can easily access to any web which your Government do not allow you J

In coming post we will share a list of best free VPN Proxy extension providers So stay tuned and keep visiting DiaryInc J

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