Top 30 Android Best Apps to be used in 2016

Life is going on android now in fact android is running our lives. It has changed the way we live and has made it easy and productive at the same time. Android is where most of us start our day and then go to bed ending up with it. Android brings you its apps in all categories or we can say in all the possible aspects of your daily life use. People are using android apps everywhere and it’s making their work move on. Android comes in handy for our daily use all day long, we use it for our work and errands. There are apps which also makes you make your android more productive and speedy, by this we mean to say that android brings us the apps which are helpful for our life and at the same time for our android phone.

It’s a new year on its way and no doubt a lot of new things will be seen along with hundreds or maybe thousands of new android apps. But we have a list of top 30 best android best apps to be used in 2016 to make your day easy and fun as well. These android apps for 2016 are from all popular android categories that will help you work better and easy.

We have a list of top 30 best apps to be used in 2016 for a better android experience from the following categories

  • Performance
  • Daily use tools
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Games


While using any android device it is must that you keep it fast and smart performance wise for perfect use. Android performance is a main thing to keep in notice and is very useful to for a better experience. Here are 5 best android performance apps that can be used in 2016 for a better experience. Installing these apps will leave you with no worries about your android performance.

As the name indicates this app is a tasker, it does most of your tasks on android and boosts up your phone performance wise. This android performance app lets you manage all the task that one may carry out with his/her android device. It lets you set automated alerts regarding anything in your android, by setting conditions or loops. Turn of Mobile Data when you reach home or put the phone on silent mood by giving a certain condition. One may put any particular app on repetitions and it switch on/off on the conditions you specify. It has got anything that one may want to do with his android phone and put it on to automated triggers. All its features makes it one of the best app in the list of top 30 best apps to be used in 2016 to enjoy android.
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  • 360 SECURITY

This app is of two types. Both of them are android performance apps and speeds up your android phone.


This is probably the best android app to get rid of all the lags and stuck problems that android may face. It acts as a power saver and speeds up your android phone. It turns off the apps which are power hungry when not in use which makes your batter drain slower. It notifies you about files that are too large and are consuming extra space to remove them. Besides all the multi actions it does the best part is that it is just 4MB and consume very less power of your android, this makes it another good android performance app.

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This performance app is the best security app that you can use in 2016. It gives your phone privacy and makes its protected from any sort of virus or malware. It scans all the apps that are installed from any app store and detects any harmful content which may be attached with the downloaded app. It also gives you the facility of privacy and app lock, you may lock all your content and keep it safe from going to wrong hands. This increases you android performance and lets you use your phone with no tension of losing your data.

No doubt, android launchers are the best apps to get your android easy to use and high performer. Action Launcher 3 is one of the best launcher app to be used in 2016 unless its new update. As all other launchers it gives you the best looks and themes which some people find beautiful to have on their android screens but besides this it also provides you with a lot of other features which makes your android fast and easy to use. These features are Quicktheme, Quickbar, Quickdrawer. All its additional features makes the best launcher and also a good android performance app.

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As the name indicates it’s an app that greenifies your android phone. It saves your phone from extra burden and makes your battery live more alongside keeping your memory free as much as it can. This android performance app puts all those apps to hibernation mode unless and until they are invoked by you yourself or any other app which may call them. By doing so it saves your battery from draining earlier and also stops other apps to lag your phone. This is a good app to be installed on all those android users phone who have a lot of apps installed on their phone and uses several at a time.

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It is a true android assistant. It lets you monitor all the tasks and activities taking place on your device. It helps your phone work faster by its 18 features. Most useful and prominent among them are cache cleaner, Batch uninstall, file manager, monitor status, process manager. Overall, it keep a good check on your phone and never lets it down. All its functions also helps increase your battery time and it’s a good app among android performance apps.

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All the above mentioned apps are good apps to manage the extra activities on your phone and make it easy to use. These indeed are the best android apps to be used in 2016 until we see any new competitor in the market regarding android performance.


No doubt, we use android nowadays to make our tasks easy and save ourselves our precious time. Every year as it goes you get more and more tasks on your shoulders and you want to do things the easy way. For this purpose you have android daily use tools. These daily use android apps lets you do your tasks more easily. The list below has useful android tools for 2016 and are the best apps to be used in 2016 as daily use tools.

Zapya is a useful android tool used for any sort of sharing. It makes sharing easy for you without any data connection or Wi-Fi. You can share data across any platform without any cables or limit. Files of any size can be easily shared through it and has sharing speed of 200 times more than that of Bluetooth. One may think why not to use Wi-Fi direct for any sort of sharing but the point is that in many cases when both the cellphones belong are from different brands, there comes problem in sharing. Here you have an option to use Zapya therefore it is a must use tool for your android and is the best app to be used in 2016.

alt="best todo list app"

alt="best todo list app"

Pocket is a “read it later” android app. It is another useful android tool to be used and one should have it installed on his android because it can come in handy anytime, no one knows when. It lest you save any sort of link that you might want to continue reading later. The links you save with you can be anywhere from the web including email, browsers, Facebook and twitter etc. It gives you an understandable and easy-to-view interface for later on reading. You can also recommend the best articles and videos for your followers and it gives you unlimited space to store your links. You can also save video links for watching later on.

ANY.DO is one of the best to-do list app but its way more than that. Besides making your to do list and keeping it in order to make your tasks easy and on time it has a lot of other features that makes you work more easily. It has got a speech recognition system which lets you speak your mind. You can add reminders and location and more than that one can attach files with any task and view it later when needed. You can also upload files from dropbox or google drive to any of your task using this useful android tool. All the feature mentioned above makes it more than just a to-do list app and puts it in the list of top 30 best android apps to be used in 2016.

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This app is the best idea and best android tool that every android user have on him. It lets you record any call or all calls that are incoming or maybe outgoing. After recording you can add notes to that particular call and the save it onto google drive or dropbox. It has got different settings for recording. You can record every call, you can record calls from selected contacts and you can recorded calls from all the numbers which are not contacts and some other which are in contact and are pre-selected. It is a very important app because one can forget anything because of loads of work and then he can easily remind himself after listening to the recordings. It also helps you keep evidence and this makes it another best android daily use tool to be used in 2016.alt="best call recorder"

This app locks almost everything on your phone and this is the reason it has taken its place in the list of our best apps to be used in 2016 and also among the best daily use android tools. You don’t have to worry when a friend borrows your phone because of this tool. Besides it is an important tool to have on your android because no one knows when he may lose his cell phone. Using this you can lock anything on your phone messages, calls pictures. Videos and emails etc. Everyone wants to secure his data and this is the best useful android tool to be used.

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Above mentioned are the best apps to be used in 2016 as tools to make your tasks easy. One can say that these are essential task tools to be kept in your android and take benefit out of them.


There are uncountable ways to learn and educate yourself in the online world. One of them is using android apps for education. These apps exists in a large number and are a best option for learning something new or getting known about something, in common searching a word for its meaning. Besides these best android educational apps are good for children to learn out of it. Following is the list of best android educational apps and are the top 5 educational apps among best android apps to be used in 2016.

This is of the best offline android dictionary app and is a good android educational app. Besides its feature of telling you the correct meaning of a word it also has much more inside it. When typing a word, it suggests you the most similar word to what you are typing and also suggests you similar sounding words. It also has and audio edition app which pronounces each and every word for you. Other than all the features the best one is that in today’s world we use abbreviations most of the times and it has got commonly used abbreviations in its database like LOL & UNHCR etc.

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Translation in today’s world is one important thing and most of the people don’t know more than 3 languages which is average number of languages a person can learn. Language translator apps nowadays have become important and most of android users have them. Google Translate is the best app that can be used in 2016 for translation purpose. It lest you translate to 90 languages by typing and by using camera you can translate to 24 languages instantly. You can also download language packs for offline use and translate anywhere even with no internet connection.

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If it’s learning and it’s from internet the no doubt it’s Wikipedia. Everyone knows that Wikipedia is where you can find anything. Everyone searches Wikipedia on the web daily for different purposes. But its android app is among the best apps list of 2016 because it’s developed so well that you just easily look for things and it brings it out along with relative pics and features like saved pages, nearby etc. This app makes Wikipedia interesting and is one of the best android educational apps.

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All aside, android is what brings you a lot of entertainment from movies, songs and jokes to colorful editing and much more. There is a great number of best entertainment apps for android and each of them is well-entertaining but we have some 6 best android entertainment apps which are the best apps that can be used in 2016.

Life is all about happiness and being happy. Android can also bring you the same happiness if you use it for entertainment, one of the best way to entertainment through android is 9GAG because yes it makes you laugh. You can easily find MILLIONS of funny pics and awesome entertaining videos. It is indeed a good app to laugh your heart out. You will be happy seeing all the stuff on 9GAG and also sharing it with your friends. It has got the honor to be the best entertaining app of 2014 and will be the best android entertaining app to be used 2016.

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Movies and favorite videos is all you do when free and with your friends. Fandango lets you watch official trailers, movie clips and all your favorite videos. This makes it another best android entertainment app. It also gives you all the additional info about the videos such as rating, release date and you can also pick up where you left off.

alt="best free entertainment app"

This funny app lets you generate as funny meme as you have in mind instantly and then share anywhere on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. It lets you do a lot of other things with your meme, you can choose any high quality meme from 600 memes and also make a custom meme by choosing any picture that you want. You also can use different test fonts and change the color and size. All its good features makes it to the list of entertaining apps for 2016.

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When its music and that to online, it’s from sound cloud. Everyone is familiar with sound cloud and you are too. It brings you all type of music from all around the world and makes it easy to find for you through its great search system. It also lets you explore the trending music. Besides god music you can also easily arrange all the songs in your custom playlists and put your favorite music into it your friends and all those who like you collection can also favorite you. Sound cloud is the best music app of android and will be making its way to 2016 as a good entertaining app.

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Editing photos to be shared on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram is a must nowadays and in other words it entertaining to see your photos in exciting filters. Photo editor makes it easy for you to go with various filters and frames and make your pic look more cool and awesome. Photo editor is in the list of best apps to be used in 2016 because of its good and easy editing features before you upload it.

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One of the best app for doing funny things with your face is face changer cool. Nothing is more entertaining than changing your friend’s face and showing him the picture. You can add a lot of funny wigs, mustache and glasses. You can also add good effects to the face to make it look funnier. It is one of the most entertaining face changer android app.

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You use android and you don’t play games on it, means you don’t use android properly. Play store has got a lot of good games to play around when you are free. One must see a lot of good and thrilling games on android but most of them are too much addictive. In the list below we have the best game apps to be used in 2016 which won’t take your time and will refresh you whenever you are free or hectic.

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Same as you do in candy crush, bringing the same colors together but here it is more attractive and decently live. You have to connect two or more same color dots by dragging your finger over it. It is a best android game as it doesn’t requires a lot of thinking and takes all your tiredness out. It has a relaxing sound and flat design.

alt='two dots"

Jungle marble is another relaxing zuma like game. You have to finish all the marbles and stop the chain to reach the end.  It is included in the list of top 30 best apps to be used in 2016 because of it level of attraction and easiness. It is a very simple game and is good at times to play when you have nothing to do.

You must know about this game if you are an android user. It is the best game which gives you the real environment as if you were playing snooker. It has got all the basic rules and techniques that snooker has and many people love playing it. It level ups every time you win some sets of games and that makes you feel becoming professional. It’s a good android game for those who wants to learn snooker, you can easily learn all the basics involved in the game.

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You must see these on TV channels and several magazines, well now you can have it on your android too. In the android game you have to find 10 differences in two pictures. It is a good game if you want to stick to something and pass your time and also sharpens your mind. It has got no clock to be ticking and giving you warnings and you c nalos zoom into a picture if you find difficulty spotting the differences.

alt="2016 best android games"

Successor of its last version plumber, this android game is love in sense of sticking to a task and not leaving it unless you complete it. So if you have free time and you are of the nature who sticks to a task unless completed then you must download this game on you android device and start playing. What you have to do is to put the pipes in an order so that the water flows from one side to another. This is a good android game and has got its place in the list of best apps to be used in 2016.

All the apps mentioned above are the best apps until now in their respective categories and easily does the task they are made for. Everyone goes with some new plan into the New Year and all the android users also must have a new plan for 2016. Here is how you can set up your android device for New Year and take more out of it.

The list of top 30 best apps to be used in 2016 is prepared by a deep consideration on a lot of apps and these were selected out of them. These apps re best to be used until we get any other good competitor apps or their updates.