Top 7 Best Android Music Maker Apps

Technology is continuously growing and making things easy, the time has gone that the artist would use to make music in studio. Now everything is in your own hand and in your smart phone, if you want to make music you don’t need to go to studio take out your Android mobile phone download any of the best Android music players and make your own music. So for your convenience we have listed some of the best Android music maker apps.

Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is simply a fantastic app which allows you to create your own music with your fingers. It has more than 5 million users and a rating of 4.4. It is simple and easy to use with better professional results, it gives you the ability to create your own tracks whether it is hip hop, rock, dubstep or may be EDM. It has a full range of 100 music styles and 8 channel mixer which gives you full freedom to express yourself, with its feature of voice recording you can also record your voice music. To install the app and better results you need Android version 4.2, 2 GB RAM and 4core CPU, 1.5 GHz.

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Walk Band

Walk Band is a pretty cool music studio in your mobile phone which rates a rating of 4.3 and has more than 50 million of users. It is a customized toolkit of virtual musical instruments for Android, it has abundant features like Guitar, Piano, Drum Machine, Multi-tracks, synthesizer and Bass, all of these instruments use realistic instrument of sound. You can simply play your favorite music with your phone anywhere you want. In simple words it is the best music maker for musician, performers, guitarist, drummers and many more professionals.

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Edjing 5

Edjing 5 is the top most app related to DJ with high downloads of 10 million and a rating of 4.3.  it has free mixer turntables which allow you to mix vimeo, Sound Cloud and mp3. It has automated audio effects sync on your song beats, you can manually adjust the sound effects, it can browse all folders located in your mobile device, it has a new and user friendly mixer, and a new BPM edition menu is there, you can also get customized skins for your turntables. By installing this music maker free you can have fun from its features.

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Guitar + is also among the best Android music maker apps which will teach you guitar. It has a rating of 4.1 and more than 10 million of downloads. It gives you the opportunity that how you can play a guitar, it has plenty of guitar sounds and hundreds of chords, you can have realistic feeling with vibration option, you can fit your fingers with strings, it has many skin colors. Simply it provides Android music maker provides you a guitar simulator for free.

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DJ Studio 5

DJ studio 5 is a music maker Android with a rating of 4.1 and over 10 million of downloads. If you are waiting for a music maker free so then you have the keys to rule the function. It allows you to mix, remix, loop, pitch or scratch your music with your hands. It has a user friendly and responsive design. It has 2 virtual turntables and cross fader, it has 7 customizable skins, it has beast based loops, it contains auto landscape and also portrait mode, you can also share your mixes on social media with your friends.

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Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker is a complete free app to make your own choice ringtone from your music files or your own recording. It has more than 50 million downloads and a rating of 4.2. it has the ability to create ringtones, notifications and alarm from mp3 and mp4 or 3GPP files.

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Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is an amazing Android music maker app which gives you the opportunity to create real time music. It has a rating of 4.3 and more than 1 million of downloads. You can make your rack by adding up to 14 machines. It has a mixer desk with global effects, it has powerful editors to modify recorded automation curves. For downloading this app you must require 1GHz ARMv7 processor, 800x 480 resolution screen, and external speaker.

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So after reading about these best Android music maker apps, if you are really interested in music making on your Android smart phone, then you should must select and download any of the best Android music maker and enjoy.