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We are back with the complete and new list of best android game for you. Here is the complete list of new and best android games that you should play in your Smartphone and fill out your free time with lots of fun and pleasure. Every time I present you the latest games at DiaryINC, similarly this time I am bringing you the best games that you should play, this time we have new games which has lots of more features and thrilling experience.


Bus Simulator 2015


Bus simulator is one of the latest android games that offers real bus driving experience with lots of new features and great graphics. This game has 10 different stages modes and many 15 newly design buses with a challenging environment. This game also has good animation, like realistic people, double and school buses, police buses and many more.  It has also include the best weather conditions like snowfall, rain, day and night scenes, sunny day which create extra ordinary driving experience. You can also play this game on multiplayer by connecting to the internet or you can challenge your friend with the help of Google games. This game is fully free and you can get it easily in play store. The Google rating for this game is 4.1/5.0.

Construction Simulator 2014


Do you love to build houses and big buildings and play with heavy machines then this game is only for you. This game contains 14 newly, big and heavy machines which are true to build heavy buildings and sites. This game has exciting new graphics and latest features it contain more than 300 thrilling missions and 20 hours fun and gaming experience. If you want to build big buildings from small houses and construct your own big farm house then this game are perfectly suits you. The Google ratings for this game is 4.3/5.0 and you can easily get  this game on 105 rupees or $1 which is very much low amount of money.

Real Boxing


It is the best free boxing and fighting game available on the android Play store. You can play your own career or multiplayer in this game. This game has included highest of its graphics and real boxing experience. It has included many rounds and tough competitor, and they will try to beat you at any cost. You can also customize your boxer in this game, as it has included lots of hairstyles, Tattoos, clothes and many more things. This game is one of the best android games available in the play store just because of its great graphics and amazing animations. The Google rating for this game is 4.1/300 and the main thing is that this game is free of cost and you can easily download this game from store.

Shadow Fight 2


Shadow fight 2 is a fighting plus RPG game in which you can fight with different opponents. You can choose plenty of lethal weapons for your plan for fighting and full your armor. Each time you will play and win the fight, you will be given some amount of coins as a reward from those coins you can buy new weapons and fighting accessories for your player. This game is beautifully design and it has lots of animations. Great effects of kick punch and jump over your opponent, you can also show your martial arts techniques and moves in this game. The rating of this game in Google is 4.6/5.0 and you can easily download this game freely fom your android play store.

300: seize your glory


This game is launched after the success if the movie 300: Rise of the Empire. This movie has broken all the records of his time. This game is same as the story of that movie, to help the Greek people to defend and fight for their country and to stop the invaliding forces led by Artemisia a vengeful commander of the Persian navy. This game will lead you to the battle field of sea where the Greek and Persian people fought for their country. This game is full HD mode which will allow you some realistic picture of the movie into the game. The strength of Greek people is just 300 and the other side were very heavy more than thousands of people will fought against the 300 innocent Greek people. The ratings for this game are 4.1 and its free of cost, the size of this game is 46MB.

WWE Immortals


WWE immortals is the first ever WWE wrestling game in the play store of android and it is ranked in the best android games. If you are a wrestling lover so you should play this game at any cost. This game includes that entire key player who is your main reason to watch wrestling. This game has made you favorite superstar in that energetic mode which you’ve never seen them before, they will have some special power which will allow them to punch their competitor so hard that he will not stand more. This game is also available in multiplayer mode so that you can compete with your friends and family by choosing you 3 best superstars of your choice. This game has many advance level for which you have to compete and win the first stages and then you level will be up so then you will allow having some more energetic superstars of your choice. This is full HD game which will show you full realistic images of your favorite superstars on your mobile screen. This game has stunning graphics and controls so that you should take a full pleasure and fun out of it. This best game is free of cost and you can easily download it on your android mobile phone the size of this game is 1.52GB.

GTA San Andreas


GTA san Andreas is the official game of Rockstar This is not a free game; it is the one of the most famous paid games present in the play store. It is one of the most popular games of time. In the past history this game has broken all the records of gaming history. After the launch and success of Grand theft Auto vice city in android version, this time Rockstar Games are presenting you yet another classic game GTA San Andreas. This game starts with the story in the 90’s and it’s all about the guy named carl his family is murdered and the rest of them are kidnapped so he is doing these missions just for to save his family and for that he controls all the streets. This game is very high definition game with HD features and stunning graphics, these graphics are more clearly on the HD screens of the android Smartphone screen. This game is fully functioned and can be easily played through a mobile touch screen. The controls of this game are fully customizable and the users can manually change the controls according to his need. This game contains different mission in which carl has to travel from one place to another for the completion of missions and to save his family. Due to these unique features people are willing to pay $7 because they know that this is worth spending if u got a this quality game just for $7.This game has received good remarks from the users of play store they give 4.4/5.0 rating to the GTA San Andreas and the size of this game is 2.4GB and the prize for the purchase of this game is $7 or Rs.700. this is one time purchase you will be given a code after the purchase of this product and whenever you reinstall this game you can easily because you had already purchased this game in the past.

Archery Master 3D


This is the best archery game and ranked on number one game in the android play store. This game has most realistic archery experience, with lots of new features and realistic environment. The amazing 3D graphics and simple control of your archery makes this game very perfect for everyone. In every round you have to shoot arrows on the targets, which are set generally, some miles away from you and when you reach your desired score you will be given some amount of coins as a rewards and then you can customize your player and archery sets with new arrows, more faster speed and laser light for accurate moment of your archery. This game has 4 exciting locations like desert and rain forest and more than 100 amazing and thrilling levels to be a champion. The rating for this game is 4.3/5.0 and you can easily get this game from your android play store.

Real Cricket


Cricket is one of the most famous games all over the world, majority in the every country the youth like cricket. But after the launch of Android mobile phones and the availability of cricket game in the play store had encouraged the people to play their favorite game while sitting or lying on the bed. Real Cricket is one of the most famous cricket games available in the play store. This game has many unique and realistic features which will give you a pleasant and happy way to play cricket and enjoy batting and bowling. This game provides exhibition mode, tournament mode such as t20 world cup, knock out cup, master cup, practice session and many more. You can also play super over match with any other team and show your cricket skills in that mode. This game is free of cost and easily available in play store in almost all android phones, the size of Real Cricket is 46MB. This game also contain some premium features like more tournament mode like playing IPL or world Cup but for that you have to pay some amount to the Google and then you will avail the permission to use these features. The prize of these premium features varies from $1 to $10, and this is one time purchase means if you uninstall the game and whenever you reinstall it you will be given a special code which you have to submit it in the game and you will be again allow to use premium features.

8-Ball Pool


This game is known as the best pool game available in the android. You can enjoy this pool game on multiplayer mode with your facebook friends & family and also with the other people all over the world. When you beat a friend your ratings in the game will be high and you will be the high achiever of this game. You can play the challenging mode, 1-1 mode or multiplayer, you can also play snooker mode in this game. You can customize the cue and table in every competition and every game has its own coins when you win the game the coins are your property. This game also includes a shop from which you can buy latest things for your cue and table.  The ratings for this game are 4.4/5.0 and the size of 8 ball pool is 30MB.


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