Got a new android phone?? Searching for the best android apps on Google’s playstore would be indeed a daunting task whether you are searching for weather apps, music apps, games or any app that could be helpful for you in your daily life. There are always dozens of apps available for your every search query but it is very important to know which applications you must install to get the most out of your smart phone. Here we have spent many hours in compiling the list of best android apps to make your smartphone a much more useful gadget than before. We have chosen the top apps in terms of its user ratings, users and functionalities.

CM Security Antivirus AppLock

best android apps
CM Security App lock & Antivirus comes with various handy features and a powerful antivirus. It is awarded worlds #1 antivirus app by AV-test, an independent organization in Germany. It’s just like Oscar award of IT security and antivirus.
– App-lock and vault
– Find phone(anti-theft)
– SD card scan
– Call blocking
– Safe browsing
It is a product from Cheetah mobile that is one of the most top rated android app supported in multiple languages. This fine app has no effect on system’s speed that most of the antivirus apps do have.

Google’s playstore rating: 4.7/5 (15,081,335 users rating)
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best android apps
The Pushbullet app allows you to share files between your computer and mobile devices, and share messages between all your devices. Some of the pros of this software are simple interface across multiple devices and interfaces, easily move notes, links, files, lists, and addresses multiple  devices and keep an eye on Android from your computer. Pushbullet saves your time, keeps you connected and informed i.e. available free of cost for your android devices.

Google’s playstore rating: 4.6/5 ( 149,313 users rating )
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DU Battery saver

best android apps

Gone are the days when you had to worry about whether your phone will run a specific game/app or not, now should be more worried about your battery’s life. Luckily for us Baidu ‘s got our backs with DU Battery Saver. I personally don’t hesitate to place DU battery saver in the list of best android apps. It can help you get up-to 50% more battery life. Its numerous features like healthy charging manager, smart pre-set modes, accurate status, phone cooler and one click optimization makes it the best of all battery life saver apps.

Google’s playstore rating: 4.5/5 ( 8,268,796 users rating )
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UC Browser

best android apps
If you are still confused with the selection of browser for your android phone, UC browser is a better option for you that will cost you only 0.00$ means totally free. It is a product of UCWeb inc that is fast, easy to use and open pages/links quickly. This app is personally my most favorite that is available for Android, iOS, Symbian and Blackberry. UC would prove as a worthy choice if you want to switch your browser.

Google’s playstore rating: 4.5/5 (7,100,221 users rating)
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GO Launcher Ex

best android apps
Personalizing your mobile’s home screen made easy by one of the best android apps GO launcher ex. GO launcher brings you excellent elements and other utilities. It is compatible with most of the devices and can be installed on every phone without any cost. GO launcher Ex offers you a huge amount of wallpapers, themes, plug-ins and special effect tones.
GO Launcher Ex Features:
i) Installation of different themes
ii) Home screen widgets
iii) Awesome  visual effects and transitions
iv) Supports device with weak hardware and specification
v) Ultimate customization options

Google’s playstore rating: 4.5/5 ( 5,667,493 users rating)
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Dictionary – WordWeb

best android apps
Have you ever caught yourself reading a book and then closing it because you find it difficult to understand some of the words used in that book? it happened with everyone at-least once in a life. This problem has now been resolved by various online/offline dictionaries. One of the best offline dictionary is WordWeb’s dictionary.
The WordWeb dictionary database includes:
– 285,000 words, phrases and derived forms
– 225,000 word sense definitions
– 70,000 examples
– 85,000 text pronunciations
WordWeb’s dictionary useful functions like intellegent word entry that suggests you words while typing, listing same sounding words together adds into its functionalities and makes it a best choice for users.

Google’s playstore rating: 4.5 (84,992 users rating)
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MX player

best android apps

MX video player,one of the best android apps available free on play store that is renowned for its simple and attractive design comprising of bundle of features. You can simply increase/decrease volume by swiping up/down at the right side of the screen as well as brightness if swiped on the left side of the screen. Swiping horizontally helps you in forward/backward of the video. MX player also allows you to zoom in/zoom out the video.

Google’s playstore rating: 4.4/5 (3,293,638 users rating)
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Photo editor by Aviary

best android apps

The marvelous design, effortless editing and easy sharing features of Aviary makes it good choice for photography. This app is packed with numerous features that enable you to edit your moments as per your desire. Some feature of aviary are auto enhance, sharpen, blur and focus. It allows you to create memes, add texts and apply filters to your picture. It is one of the leading photo editing android apps.

Google’s playstore rating: 4.4/5 (1,402,106 users rating)
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Google street view

best android apps
Google announced a standalone street view app besides Google Maps and Google Earth. Street View lets you see what you would see at street level on any map. Best android app for identifying an address in advance. Exploration made easy, now search of  world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside locations such as museums, hotels and arenas with Google Street View. It allows you to both explore and capture 360-degree views of your favorite places. You can publish photo spheres of your desired places from around the world to Google Maps instantly.

Google’s playstore rating:  4.2/5 ( 1,574,095 users rating)
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