Top 5 Best Android Antivirus Apps (Paid)

Most of the Android smart phone users are fed up of viruses, which may hang or slow down your Android smart phone or a tablet, but you don’t have to worry about it because you can get rid of Android virus with the help of Android Antivirus which can improve your phone or Tablet security and protect it from virus. Check out the list of best Android antivirus apps.

Antivirus Pro Android Security

Antivirus Pro Android security is one of the Android antivirus app with a high rating of 4.6 and pretty features by protecting your phone or tablet from malware, viruses, spyware and theft. It has more than hundred thousand of users. The app has plenty of features like it scan your apps, settings, files, media, loc your phone to protect your privacy and personal items. It has the feature to enable locating your lost mobile phone through Google Maps, it end up that tasks which can slow down your mobile, it automatically removes virus content, it can also scan websites to protect your phone from harmful threats which can hang up your  mobile, it also has the ability of apps backup. You can also enjoy more of its features by purchasing the app. You can purchase the app Antivirus Pro Android Security on discount rate till 01.10.2016 for RS 732.

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Dr. Web Security Space Life

Dr. Web Security Space Life is one of the best Antivirus Android with a complete protection and free life time supports and many amazing features. It is one of the high rating Antivirus for Android which rates a rating of 4.6 and over 10 thousand of downloads. It has the ability to protect your phone comprehensively from malware targeting your mobile. It scans your all system and protect your SD cards from being infected. You can avoid unwanted calls and messages, it can also find your lost or stolen mobile phone, it also has the feature to backup your phone and full scan your apps. You can enjoy its features by purchasing Dr. Web Security Space Life for RS 7,904.

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Zoner Mobile Security

Zoner Mobile Security is an awesome antivirus for Android phones which protect your Android with its cool features. It has more than 10 thousand of downloads and a good rating of 4.5. The app can save and protect your Android phone from thefts and wrong hands, it has the option of restore and backup, it can block irrelevant calls and messages, it is free from all kinds of ads. It provides protection from all kinds of viruses like spyware, malware, worms, adware, trojans etc. so with these features you can protect your phone by purchasing Zoner Mobile Security for RS 499.

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Security – premier is among the best antivirus for Android which protect your mobile phone from viruses, malware and bugs from your smart phones and as well it is also perfect antivirus for Android tablets. It has a rating of 4.2 and more than 10 thousand of downloads. it has the facility to protect your phone while you are browsing banking or shopping on your Android hone or tablet. It automatically scans your mobile for threats and monitors your hone for viruses and malware. It also has the feature of social protection from Facebook and twitter, it automatically lock your phone when it is lost or stolen and protect it from wrong hands. You can purchase the app Security-premier for RS 450.

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Antivirus Pro for Android

Antivirus Pro for Android is Android antivirus app with a rating of 4.2 and has more than 10 thousand of downloads. This app can protect your phone from Android virus, spyware and malware. It has a new and advanced turbo charged scanning engine, it is free from ads, it is user friendly, it requires minimum resources of system. You can use its features by purchasing the app Antivirus Pro for Android for RS 418.

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So don’t take any risk choose and purchase any of these best Android antivirus apps and protect your Android smart phone from viruses, malware and wrong hands.