Arabian Coin Dash Review

Inspired by the concept of endless runners like Temple Run and other similar games, Arabian Coin Dash offers an amazing endless running fun and addicting experience that is suitable for every age. Independently developed and designed by Adam Irvine, the game can take some amazing twists which can actually make it a very good and entertaining as you play it.

Over the past years, the genre of mobile gaming has changed and everyone loves to play those games which doesn’t need much of an introduction and can be played everywhere anytime and Arabian Coin Dash offers and amazing experience. Much like Temple run but safe for kids to play as it doesn’t contain any blood and gore scene where the boy get crushed by some obstacle etc.

The game is set into the streets of an Arabian desert bazaar where you have run jump and collect coins  and try to avoid not to get hit by obstacles which results the game to end. The game is addicting and you will be coming back again and again to play it.

You can download the game from here