Apple Won The Case Against Samsung

Apple and Samsung

Few years ago it was said that Apple has filed a case against Samsung that they have copied the features of iPhone. On last Thursday, it came to know that Apple has won the case. The court order said that Samsung will no more be allowed to copy the features of iPhone.

Now looking forward towards the judgment of Federal Court in Washington, Samsung must have to change some of their smartphone features such as software quick link, slide to unlock software and auto correct.

Samsung had already changed the features which are mentioned above before the Court decision. Samsung Galaxy smartphones can be unlocked by swiping anywhere on the display screen. Slide to unlock software or button was removed before the orders of the Court. Similarly Samsung smartphones, had also updated its mobiles keyboard since he final orders of the Court.

Samsung has commented on the final judgment of the Court that they will review the decision they also said that Samsung will continue selling its Galaxy smartphone series.

The final decision of the Court also said that they want to undermine Samsung phones by taking them off the market, but they want Samsung phones to remove the features which they had copied.

The case against Samsung was filed in February 2012 which you can say ages back keeping in mind of the technology calendar. At that time, Samsung had just launched their Galaxy S II phone which the latest phone mentioned in the case. While in this year Samsung has released their latest phone in the Galaxy series is S6.

In the beginning decision of the Court, Samsung was fined $120 million which they had to pay to Apple for violating their copyrights. While the amount of fine was less than one tenth of the amount which Apple had initially demanded.