Apple iWatch 2 Release Date, Rumors and Specifications

Apple is introducing new technology and new look in the form of Apple iwatch 2, We have rounded up everything about those which we know so far about the next generation I watch, that when it will be released, what new features u can expect, and its price.

In iwatch 2 you will see new features, new things, as this is modern world and there is a huge trend of selfie in the present time, so in I watch 2 the main focus is on camera through which you can make selfie pictures, video calls you can also use wifi, apple iwatch 2 is not only watch it is just like a mobile you can also see your notifications, it is also useful in your daily activities like fitness, exercise and health.

Release date  

There is no fix date for releasing of smart watch but one of the analyst says that it may launch in 2016.

Apple iwatch 2 rumors and specs


As there is no word yet on its price as well. But the expected price figure is that it will may be available for $2000 to $8000.


As we don’t too much about I watch2 but rumors are starting to come from fast and thick. Korean news outlet said that it will feature the same OLED screen. One time more I will use LG as the sole supplier of displays for the wearable. However some of the rumors claims that Apple has roped in both LG and Samsung to produce screens for the next volume of Apple iwatch. The flexible OLED will provide the display but it wont change in terms of size or resolution.

Face time camera

There are also some gossips that the next Apple iwatch 2 will come with a selfie camera, and it is also said that a video camera will be integrated into the top bezel, enable user to make as well as receive video call via on their

It will also match the iphone 7 there is some gossips that the second generation iwatch 2 will also be made available in new colours, also including a cheaper rose gold flavor. Similarly on the software side, it is reportedly working on a new initiative which is called “tetherless” which will make the smart watch allowing for unthered messaging and emailing.


Another feature that was missing in the previous model was GPS. Apple has stated that the Apple iwatch cant really be used without the support of an iPhone, and one of the reason is that it will piggyback on the iPhone GPS.

Use in fitness and health

Similarly for fitness tracking purpose you can take the iwatch2 and after running for 20 minutes of continuous running your smart watch will learn your stride length.

The watch is a water proof smart watch just like its previous model. It will be safe in rain or shower.img_1680

Battery life

It also been saying that the smart watch will have all day battery life. But it would still have to be charged every night just like iPhone. So Apple is also working to improve the battery life in the Apple iwatch 2.


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