Report: Apple iPhone 6c Realeasing this Year|Full metal case

According to the new official report of Apple will release the iPhone 6c later in this year. This is good and big news for apple users that will have a new handset in the iphone 6 family. As we have seen in the previous version of apple iphone 5c the body was of plastic and different colors were introduced in the iphone line other than black and white but this time apple iphone 6c will have full Metal body and the report also suggest that it will be more like an extended version of iphone 5s.

iphone 6c

But another factor which I have to mention in this article that the cost of using plastic is cheap as compare to the metal so definitely the new iphone 6c will be more costly as compare to previous C version of apple, but yes due to metal design there are more chances to sell the new iphone 6c because people are more attach to the metal version than of plastic. The reason of not using the plastic is that when apple has launched the previous iphone 5c it has catch the users eye because of the multiple back color but when it comes to plastic back many iphone users dislike this act, many people according to the apple research has shown has that they were saying that the plastic look made it more like a toy and not a original phone. So now apple will come with the full metal look of its new coming handset.

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The new iphone 6c will be assembled by Hon Hai technologies in Taiwan, while more than 70% of the handset metal casings and body will be manufactured by Foxconn and it is believed that the these casings and metal body will around 10-15% of the Foxconn sales next year.

It is believed that this set will also be the most successful set of Apple Company. Its aging internals and lack of flagship features like Touch ID meant many were willing to spend the extra for an iPhone 5s, this feature has been released first time in the iphone 5s and it was very successful feature and other companies after that follow this feature but Apple was the first to launch the Finger/Touch ID to their phone.

But this time the iphone 6c will be the smaller version of iphone 6s, the screen size of the coming handset will be smaller than the previous 6 versions. Because apple users are more likely attach to the smaller size of iphone and they done want bigger Smartphone, so this time it will be smaller iphone 6c and it’s likely to be much more successful than its previous versions of apple handsets.

iPhone 6C

As for Apple bigger iphone models (iphone 6 & 6s plus), Hon Hai company in Taiwan gets half of the business shares and Foxconn Tech gets 25%” of iPhone 6s casing production. for the larger iPhone 6/6S Plus another reports said that, Apple raised stake in both, giving 60% of the business to Hon Hai and 35% to Foxconn Tech.”

Talking about the release date of iphone 6c, so the reports has been said that this handset of apple company will be released in the coming September. It will be a pure competition for the apple big competitor Samsung because it is also expected that the Samsung will also release its big Note 5 in the market so apple is planning to give a very much tough time to Samsung.

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