The New Generation Apple iPad Pro Features and Specs

So the new Apple iPad Pro has just recently been announced. A lot of new speculations have been made for this new device. The new iPad is the fastest and the most advanced iPad they have ever created. The iPad has always given the best experience to its users. And now with the larger 12.9 inches Retina Display, almost double the processing speed of the earlier iPad Air 2, and the new redefined Multi-Touch tech, the Apple iPad Pro Features a lot of cool things which makes it the best tablet in the market.

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The iPad Pro will be running the latest iOS 9 which will take the iPad experience to a whole new level. There will be tons of new features in iOS 9.

The iPad Pro will be having the same 8MP iSight camera which was in the iPad Air 2 and it will be also be having the Touch ID Sensor.

The iPad Pro will be available in 32/128 GB of storage space and it will come in 3 different colors. And for the first time ever the iPad Pro will also have 4GB of RAM. This bad boy will be available to buy till November.

Display of Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro has the most advanced Retina Display’s so far. The 12.9 inches display offers almost 78% more display than the previous iPad Air 2. The screen’s resolution is around 2732*2048 which gives this beast a PPI of 265 which is a lot it terms of a tablet. Now this display is remarkable for its lifelike colors and with its deeper blacks, which makes the display very crisp to watch HD videos and to engage in 3D games.

The new Retina Display on the iPad Pro was designed to face new levels of precise touch and response. The new Multi Touch technology was created to understand the difference between the finger touch and the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil

The new Multi-Touch system in the iPad Pro lets the user use the Apple Pencil with pixel-perfect precision. The new system knows exactly when the user is applying pressure on the screen or when the pencil is being shifted or tilted, resulting the change in the design of what the user draws or writes.

The Apple Pencil for the first time feels very familiar, it lets you make any number of effects, right down to a single pixel, giving the user a creative freedom than ever before. It does what you expect and then far more. The Apple Pencil gives you variety of tools in a single instrument, from sketching, painting a watercolor portrait, or drafting a blueprint, all of these things are possible to do with the Apple Pencil.

The battery of the Apple Pencil is pretty amazing, slip off the cap of the Pencil to reveal the Lightning connector that lets you charge the Apple Pencil just by plugging it into the iPad Pro. When the Pencil is fully charged it gives a 12 hour’s working time. But if you’re in a hurry, no rush… just 15 seconds will provide enough charge to work for almost 30 minutes.


New Apple ipad pro features

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Smart Keyboard

For many users, a keyboard is the best way to write their ideas down. The new Smart Keyboard totally takes this year’s old invention and makes it new and improved for the iPad Pro.

The new Smart Keyboard is easy to take along with yourself simply unfold it and you’re ready to go. But when you don’t fold it up and it becomes a slim, lightweight cover for the Apple iPad Pro.

Everything about the Smart Keyboard is completely new. The top layer is crafted with custom-woven fabric that takes the shape of each key. The fabric also provides a spring like tension for each key to press. And unlike old traditional keyboards, there are no space between keys.

The Smart Connector is the new Apple designed connector which allows seamless communication between the Smart Keyboard and the iPad Pro. The Smart Connector works with the fabrics inside the Smart Keyboard that allows a two-way conversion of power and data.

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In the creating of an iPad this big, no detail was too small. The company pushed every aspect of what’s possible with the iPad to new heights, unlike before the iPad Pro is a far bigger experience. Although the iPad Pro has 78% more display than the iPad Air 2, the iPad Pro still feels solid in the hands. The aluminum body is crafted with such accuracy that it’s a perfect balance of lightness and strength.

The Apple iPad Pro has 4 all new designed speakers that produces stereo sound effect. For the first time ever the speaker have been machined directly into the body. The new design gives around 61% more volume than the previous iPad’s audio.


The raw power of the new Apple iPad Pro defines everything the iPad is capable of doing. Everything about this iPad have been juiced up, from its A9X processor chip to the Graphics processor to the Storage Unit. Everything has been enhanced in its own way to give the iPad Pro its sheer power to preform smoothly, faster and efficient.

The iPad Pro gets its strength from the state of the art processor. The A9X, it’s a 3rd generation 64-bit desktop-class architecture processor, the best of its kind. Although the A9X chip gives ground-breaking results, it is efficient as well making sure that the iPad Pro doesn’t drain the battery faster.

The A9X processor is 1.8 times faster than the Apple iPad Air 2 processor which is the A8X which means that the iPad Pro will react to every gesture faster than ever. Every complex tasks like creating a 3D design or streaming a 4k video, these tasks can happen smoothly.

Besides having almost twice the pixels in the Retina Display, the iPad Pro offers almost double the graphics performance of the iPad Air 2. You will see even more epic visuals with un-parallel richness and speed.

apple ipad pro processor

Connectivity of Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro features 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology and MIMO, this means that you can enjoy ultrafast networks and enjoy download speeds up to 866 Mbps.

The iPad Pro comes in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular. This means that you can be more productive anywhere because the iPad Pro supports 20 LTE bands and goes up to 150 Mbps over LTE.

The Apple SIM in the iPad Pro lets you choose your data plan right on your iPad.

Now this was all you wanted to know about the new Apple iPad Pro Features. You guys can ask us related to anything, please comment below.

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