10 Best Android Weather Widgets to use in 2016

Android widgets makes the use of android easy and more fun. You can easily access things from your home screen. There a lot of best android widgets which you can use for different purposes there exists widgets for weather, clocks, music, maps, speedometer, distance etc.
We have a list of 10 best android weather widgets to use in 2016. These are some of the amazing and interesting android widgets which you can use to see weather at any time of day. Anywhere you go these cool weather widgets tracks the weather records in that particular region and gives you the accurate stats.

  • Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

best android widgets to use in 2016People love weather widgets because it look beautiful on their home screen and it gives a professional look to their screen. It also show us the accurate weather on your android. By weather widget we can get a real-time and weather forecast with up to 10 days of future forecast. It can also give us the relevant weather information depending where you are and also tell us the additional layers of the weather e.g. for users of the US 1Weather also give additional layers of the weather information like Hurricanes, snow, Tornadoes etc.


  • Go Weather Forecast and Widgets

GO-Weather-Forecast-WidgetsGo Launcher EX developed the most related application for android weather and they are offering the best widget apps. They have several more widgets sizes for your home screen you can easily download it free even you can download a theme for the app weather widget. It helps us to forecast the weather like there will be rain tomorrow to decide you need a pack of umbrella or to take an extra sunscreen we highly recommend you people to try it

  • Weather Live with Widgets Free

interesting android widgetsWeather live have improved with updates and this is the beautiful android weather widget ever. Here you not only get a live weather you can also set the widget on your home screen for details. It includes temperature, humidity, you can also get a good detail about the forthcoming precipitation and visibility this app uses the pleasant animation for rain, snow and sunshine widgets also have a clock for your convenience.

  • Amber Weather (EZ Weather HD)

best free android widgetsAmber Weather for android mainly concentrate on the widgets for the smartphones. If you want that your home screen looks more beautiful and professional you should try this widget because this app is updated with new widget every week. This cool android widget provide all type of info from the hourly forecasts to 10 days humidity, temperature, wind speed, storms, fog and many more. This pro widget for android is more convenient for people because it is translated in 30 languages which is very easy to use. It saves your favorite location to get forecasts.

  • Weather & Clock Widget Android

android weatherThis clock and weather widget android provides us the detailed weather observation and the weather forecast for all over the world locations. The weather and clock widget has the main advantage it searches addresses automatically for you and provides you current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also provides us the current weather condition, relative humidity, visibility distance, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, dew point, wind speed, UV and direction. It also show us the 10 days future forecast and hourly weather. This widget also display current time clock, date, battery, calendar and event information

  • Weather XL Pro

best android widgets to use in 2016This is a simple and useful android widget is the best weather widget app for every country and for all the world. This app has beautiful and real animations of weather conditions. Its updates continuously day to day, it hourly forecasts accurate for the next 10 days and also detailed forecast on rain, snow, fog, storm, dew point, UV index, wind speed and pressure. It has a satellite and radar map animation and it is best to be used for smartphones and tablets.

  • Weather

free android widgetsWeather app is very easy to use it is specially designed to be simple and easy to use for the people and it is updated with the weather condition. You will get a weather condition by just in one click in your status bar where ever you are located. It display hourly and weekly forecast. You can add and track the weather condition in multiple locations. Weather is the one of the most light weight app in Google Play. Weather app support full time android TV and also support for the lock screen widget in android. Here you can allow or disable the notification. It is a best android weather widgets to use in 2016

  • Transparent clock & weather

widgets for androidThe Transparent Clock and Weather is complete fully featured and customizable digital clock and the weather forecast app. It detect your location automatically if you’re using Wi-Fi or GPS this app give you a different fonts for the times, it will resize the widgets to any size share your location on map and also share your location it shows the beautiful weather background according to the weather condition. It tell us about the moon information and 30 days moon phase calendar, sunrise and sunset time for current location, shows the 7 days future forecast. This application is localized in more than 40 languages.

  •  Flipboard

best android widgets to use in 2016Flipboard is the new style on magazine reader for the widgets of android smartphones and it is useful for the regular user. You can easily set the widgets on the home screen to get the preview of new stories this is a good way to keep an eye on the latest news in the area of your interest. Here you can create your personal magazine and also you can add more topics. You can read the world class published news like The New York Time, PEOPLE magazine, Fast Company, and Vanity Fair in Flipboard. You can also connect to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn you can also easily flip picture and post from friends. It is a free android weather widget.

  • HD Widgets

best android widgetsHD android weather widget has many set of the different widgets and varieties for everything including date, time, calendar, toggle switches and the weather information these can easily customize and set in any size you want. Just swipe and tap to select colors, icons, clocks, layouts, backgrounds and many more. Over 1million of the users agree to use HD Widget. It is the most enjoyable and easy to add widgets to your home screen.


Above mentioned is the list of best android weather widgets to use in 2016. These widgets are very useful because weather forecasting nowadays is an essential need. They tell you the accurate weather about your current location and also about any other location you may want to know.

If you want to add any other best android weather widget to this list, kindly drop the name in the comments below.

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