Founded in 2015, DiaryInc – Your Personal Android Diary is one of the most popular blog  Tech Blogs in Pakistan covering all the latest News about Android.  The team of DiaryINC works intensely, excitedly and passionately to bring you the best news, reviews, the technology behind the upcoming Android app, games and smartphones and also providing unique solution to your Android related problems.

The Brain Behind DiaryInc

Muhammad ismail peshawar

Muhammad Ismail (Founder)

Muhammad Ismail is an Entrepreneur, Passionate Blogger and Motivational Speaker who started online Business back in 2009. He was Listed in top 10 bloggers list of Pakistan continuously 3 times (from 2013-2015).He has also Featured in Pakistan Top magazine Tribune and Tech-juice as well as Popular Television Kay2 andKhyber news. Currently, he is the founder of Pakistan Entrepreneurship organization, Kokane welfare Trust, Co-founder of one of the Rising Fast-food Kokane, Strategically partner ofEntrepreneurship development center, and trainee at Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar, Pakistan. To know more about him Read his 5 years Success Story HERE

Aqil amjid diaryinc

Aqil Amjad (Team Lead)

Aqil Amjid is a professional blogger, freelancer and a social entrepreneur. He is currently pursuing his academics in software engineering from IMSciences, Peshawar. He started up as a freelancer after attending a session on building the online career. He is now running several blogs and keeps himself highlighted in this field.

He trains newbies on blogging and freelancing to commence their entrepreneurial career. He is of the opinion that the new generation which masters in technology can bring an immense change in the society and peoples’ life if they are highlighted with the right path of marketing and increasing their business reach.