8 Reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10

Unless you’re been living in a cave or in forest, you’re likely aware of the fact that’s It’s been a couple of days since Windows 10 release and there are still some people who are not yet quiet sure whether this new Microsoft’s OS “ Windows 10 ” is worth an upgrade. Microsoft itself has kicked off a series of Videos and blogs to show why you should upgrade/purchase Windows 10. Initially became available for upgrade/purchase on July 29th Wednesday. Not only Windows 10 is faster and performance efficient than previous version of Windows but also comes with a set of new features and application which makes it the best Windows of all time.

1.Performance and Efficiency:

If you’re one of those user who haven’t moved to Windows 8 or 8.1, you’ve probably miss one of the most important feature of Microsoft’s Modern OS, the fast startup. Yes the fast start up that takes only 2-5 sec of time booting up from BIOS screen to the main OS screen. Benchmarks even shows that Microsoft’s newest Windows 10 is more efficient in a sense because it ram usage is less which increase desktop experience by a great magnitude.

2.We really missed you Start Menu:

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft removed start menu which was replaced by a start screen which is a Modern user interface for Windows and worked great out for those who own touch screen PC or tablet. It mainly aimed at touchscreen capable devices. While it turned out to be frustrating for those who didn’t own touch screen devices. Windows 8.1 returned the start menu button which allowed to enter the start screen with just one click but still there was no sign of Classic start menu from the original Windows. With Windows 10, start menu also returned and we really missed you. The new Windows comes with a modern day start menu which is a combination of previous Windows 8 start screen and Classic start menu with colorful dynamic tiles and shortcut access to your favorite applications and software etc.

alt="Windows 10 start menu"

Windows 10 start menu

3.Your own voice based virtual assistant Cortana:

One of the most and undeniable feature of Windows 10 is Cortana, a voice based virtual assistant. Exclusively only available on Window’s phone, with Windows 10 Cortana has also arrived to PC and is waiting for your commands to perform your daily task. She is much like a real life assistant and will help you, in finding useful information from the web or from your PC. Just say the word and she’ll do as you ask she won’t disappoint you. Talking to technology sure is fun and here Cortana comes if you’re getting bored you can just talk to her and she’ll reply with accurate answer apart from this she can also write emails for you by dictating it to her.


4.Windows 10 is for Gamers DirectX 12 is here:

                              One of the best things Microsoft promised was that Windows 10 is meant for gamers Yeah right if you’re a PC Gamer and want to see your games perform at  better fps than go for Windows 10 because with new Windows game a new API i.e DirectX 12. According to Microsoft: “Directx12 is intended to improve multi-threaded performance for games and let directors code closer to the metal”. In simple words it will provide developers and programmers access to lower cores and lower levels of the hardware to fully utilize it resulting in greater performance. Benchmarks showed DirectX 12 can boost fps up to 50% which is an insane amount this will surely change the fate of Future PC Gaming.

alt="Directx11 vs Directx12"

DirectX11 vs DirectX12

5.A better browser Microsoft Edge:

                                  Windows 10 also marks with the arrival of Microsoft Edge a better browser for a better Window. Unlike Microsoft Internet Explorer we all hate well Microsoft Edge has changed that, it’s a blazing fast even faster than chrome. On one of Microsoft blog post it was tested that Edge is 112 percent faster than Chrome on Web Kit Sun spider benchmark; 37 percent faster on Apple’s Jet Stream benchmarks; and 11 percent faster on Google’s own Octane benchmarks. But speed isn’t the only thing which make it this unique be you can also share notes and can doodle on them making them friendly and much more. Undeniably Microsoft Edge is one of the greatest achievement Windows 10 has to offer.


6.New App Store and Universal apps:

If you have used Windows 8 or 8.1 you probably know about the app store, Windows 10 comes with a new app store with new look. The way you download and purchase apps has also been updated with a revised version of Microsoft Store. It lets you find a large amount and variety of software/apps for download for small as well as big tasks. Some apps can be run in Windows mode while other in full screen. Windows 10 also come installed with built in apps including Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail and Calendar, these built in apps run equally as well as in full screen.

alt="Windows 10 app store"

Windows 10 app store

7.Xbox app and game mirroring on Windows 10:

                              If you own an Xbox One, Windows 10 is going to be a great deal for you with the new Xbox App you can connect your Xbox one with Windows 10 which will help you to view achievements, add or remove friends, communicate with buddies and even purchase games for PC. But the best part is Microsoft will let Xbox one user to stream and play games on PC also you can play a multiplayer across cross platforms that is Xbox One and Windows 10 which is going to be a great deal for Windows and Xbox user and of course gamer.

alt="xbox app windows 10"

8.It’s FREE and wrapping all things up:

There is no denying that Windows 10 is one of the best thing happen to us after Windows 7, the new operating system improves performance speed and comes with more stability and new amazing features. Even if these new features don’t impress you but still the fact is this new paint job is not even going to cost you a penny so why not upgrade it as Microsoft already announced that owner of Windows 7 , Windows 8 and 8.1 will able to upgrade to newer version of Windows for absolutely no sum of money. We’ll recommend all user to upgrade to latest version of Windows as it is the best thing from Microsoft after all these years and really deserves a good rating.

alt="Windows 10 desktop"

Windows 10 desktop preview