5 Awesome ways to Optimize YouTube videos – Tutorial

ways to optinize Youtube

YouTube is a website which is visited by millions of people daily. It’s owned by Google and is the third most visited website of the world. It is the first on video ranking websites and has billions of videos in its web servers. All these outstanding statistics of You Tube has its implications for the changing business world.

Moreover, social media websites can’t ignore YouTube either, since videos are the most vital source of information for people and their users.

People need to divert more of their resources to YouTube so that they can get extra traffic towards their blogs and websites.

You can make high class videos but then, one challenge that will be on your list is that how to optimize it for better results? Optimize it so it can get ranked in You Tube’s videos search engine?

So yeah, if you are looking for ways to Optimize your YouTube videos, then you are the right place since in this article, we will show you some of the good ways to Optimize YouTube videos.

Use YouTube keywords :

Yeah, like SEO, you have to use keywords in your videos that you upload. You have to select the right keywords and put them into your videos. You can’t ignore the selection for right keywords and like the SEO you do for your website, where you use keywords, here in videos as well, you have to use keywords.

There are many YouTube keywords research tools tat you can use, and for instance, soovle.com is a free keyword tool that you can use. You can use the built-in You Tube keyword search tool as well.


YoTube title, Description and Tags matter :

You need to set the title of your video in between 1 to 70 characters which is more preferable. A title which exceeds 70 characters is not good for the optimization of your video. Your video title needs to be relevant to your video. It should contain the main and targeted keyword as well.

You should put keywords in your video description as well since they are used by the YouTube search algorithm.

Add short description in between 140-160 words and used mostly tags for your video. YouTube allows you 20 tags so make sure to utilize all of the tags since it will bring your video to more visibility.

YouTube annotations :

YouTube allows you to use the annotations in your videos. Using these annotations, you can add extra information to your videos. What you can do is to add the address of your blog and website in the videos so when someone watches your video, they would usually go to their blog as well. That way, you can get extra traffic for your blogs and websites.

You Tube playlists :

You Tube playlists allows to to provide albumn of related videos to your users. With the playlist, you will be able to add relevant videos to your chaneel. Using these related videos, you will be able to provide many data to your users at one place. This will decrease the deviation from your channel.

So before targetting keywords on You Tube, you should target the close high related keywords as well on which you can produce videos. The title, description etc of your playlist should also be filled with relevant information.

High User engagement :

One of the good ways in You Tube videos is the number of likes, shares and views. Tha’ts why so many websites are offering YouTube videos, views and their shares.

However these methods are considered blackhat but if you can produce high quality videos then it’s good. If your videos solves the problems of peopele and add values to them, then it’s a good choice.

For increasing video engagement, you can do the follwing things :

Produce and make videos with quality camera recorder and recording softwares since You Tube loves quality recorded videos.

Make your YouTube channel branded by doing settings of layout etc.

Produce videos that will help users rather than making videos to promote your products

Comment on the videos related to your channel.

High User Engagementt :

One of the good ways un You Tube optimization is the number of viws, likes and shares. That’s shy we see many websites offeruing vides and shares.

However, these methods are considered as Black Hat since it won’t give you the maximum output. But if you produce videos that solve the problems of users and adds value to it, then getting high engagment and views s not a big deal.

For increasing the enagemeny of your videos, you can follow the instructions listed below :

Produce videos having high quality and record videos with high quality camera since YouTube loves quality videos.

Make your YouTube channel different from others by using banners and customized layout.

Produce videos that can solve thr problems of your users rather than just advertising your product.

Do commenting on other videos of related channels.

Add videos to your blogs and shaer them on Social Media websites.

Another tip is to add annotations in your videos to make people force to subscribe to your channel.

Conclusion :

YouTube is a great website where there are may videos and its the third most visisted by website. You can use it for your benfits by adding your website’s link in annotations so you get more traffic. You can use it to pull trafic for your websites. What you can do is to provide videos on You Tube and give your website’s link in the descritpion so you can get extra visits to your website and optimize YouTube videos for your traffic. Like this, you can get plenty of traffic to your website and you will be able to convert your YouTube traffic to your website views and traffic.