30 Best Launchers for Android free download apk 2015

If you have an android phone and you want to customize it. The best way is to install launchers for android. There are many best launchers for android and free apk that you can download and install on you android phone. Just like there are cool android apps, there  are best launchers for android as well. There are many android emulators, android apps and many other stuff that comes in free ahk download but there are many launchers for android as well using which you can customize you android phone and make your android phone more cooler. If you have the best android phones, you would want to have the best android launchers as well and in this post, we will share some good and best android launchers for android just like cool apps for android. There would be 16 cool launchers for android that you can install in the form of apk and it’s total free to download. So no more waiting and lets proceed to the task  i.e best android launchers of 2015:

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        List of Best Launchers for Android 2015

  1. Google Now Launcher :

Google Now Launcher best android launcher apk download 2015

One of the best launchers for android is Google Now Launcher. It’s free to download and is usually pre installed on Google Nexus phones. You can download the Google Now Launcher free apk and install it on your android phone. Else just go to app store and type Google Now Launcher, and from there download and install it. You can download the free apk of Nova Launchers by searching on Google. You can download. There are many free android apps and android emulators that you can download and install from Google PlayStore on your phone.

  1. Nova Launcher :

nova launcher best android launchers 2015 apk download


Nova launcher is a great launcher as well.  It offers a great bunch of optimization and animation. One particular cool action just like the cool android apps is which is swipe actions. Swipe actions will allow you to act as a folder and change it with a swipe  In android 5.0, you’ll find more and more great stuff for Nova. You can get the pro version of Nova android launcher as well for $4.0.

  1. Apex Launcher :

apex best android launchers 2015 apk download

Apex launcher is one of the best for android. It lives up to its name and provide many features . It’s free and you can buy the paid version . The core features of Apex android Launcher includes home screen customization and as well as scrollable dock. The paid version unlocks more and more features like theme support and drawer support etc.

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  1. Nokia Z Launcher :


NZlauncher best android launchers 2015 apk download

Nokia Z  Launcher allows you to access your cool android apps and other stuff easily.  The more you use this launcher, the better it gets  since the app knows about your doings when you are using your android phone. It has some intelligence in it. Haha, jokes apart and it has some new tricks. For example, if you press the alphabet of the first letter of your app, it will directly show you the list and you can choose your cool android apps there from it.

  1. Hola Launcher :

hola-launcher best android launchers 2015 apk download


Hola Launcher comes with a variety of options and it won’t capture that much size on your piece,  the initial download comes just in 1 MB. Not only its size is small, its beating requires less RAM than some of the fastest and best android launchers. It also supports some fantastic themes.

  1. APUS Launcher :

apus-launcher best android launcher free apk download

APUS, as a free launcher you should try this, also a great thanks to its awesome Pinko theme. APUS Launcher combines custom icons, themes, also there are some APUS-own features that makes it one of the best launchers to date. In addition, its own animations are excellent.

  1. Zeam :

zeam-launcher best android launchers 2015 apk download

Zeam , so far the fastest launcher ever. The developers seem to care a lot about its speed. Well, it doesn’t add as many features as the others do but surely, it has some good features. It has three homescreen gestures that you can use to perform specific actions. Also, its totally free.

  1. GO Launcher EX :

GO-Launcher-EX best android launchers 2015 apk download

Go launcher has a star rating of 4.5 and million of installs. The downside of GO may get a bit annoying although, it’s a very useful launcher. It features some outstanding 3D effects and excellent features. Go is free!

  1. Dodol Launcher :

Dodol_launcher top launchers for android apk download

With thousands of great free themes and over 10 million installs, it keeps it simple and themes right. Dodol Launcher will destroy your smartphone’s battery life with crazy and effective themes and animations. It could be great for you if you are new in the world of customizations.

  1. Solo Launcher :

sol launcher top launchers for android apk download

Solo Launcher has more than 50 million downloads. Solo Launcher is marketed clean, clear as well as smooth and also it delivers on all accounts. It uses some sweet animation features though it doesn’t use many of its own icons. Also, it has some simple gestures like an upward swipe on the home screen used for searching which does not change any of your functionality to your piece. Download android emulators as well, they will help you in optimizing your android smart phone to the best.

  1. Smart Launcher :

Smart-Launcher top launchers for android apk download

Smart launcher takes things very easily and turns them around easily as well. It has categorized rings instead on giving you a list of apps so that you click on an icon the app opens. The icon is connected with the app manager as well so if you delete an icon, the whole app will be deleted. Overall, it’s a nice app to have in your cool android phone with cool android apps.

  1. Go Launcher Ex :

GO-Launcher-EX top launchers for android apk download

This launcher has above hundred million installs and you know something huh? It has a four star rating as well. It’s a nice cool launcher that have 3d animations, many other good features and effects. This android launcher is on the 12th number in our list of best android launchers of 2015.

  1. Yahoo aviate Launcher:

unnamed2 top launchers for android apk download

Yahoo Aviate is not a very customizable and best android launcher but it is smart simple and effective. You can tell aviate your home and location so it can update you about the places you go. It’s smart and will give you a suggestion to set an alarm at night plus it will learn about all the work you are doing and will tell you and do thing according to the way you like to do them. So it’s a good, cool and best android launcher for your cool android apps.

  1. ADW Launcher:

adw top launchers for android apk download

ADW is probably the ultimate launcher in all of the launchers. Anything you want to tweak, you can tweak and is tweak able. But sadly it comes with a price. We have written we are sharing free launchers with you but one paid launcher is shared here because you might be interested in buying it and you might buy more good and best android launchers due to this.

  1. Zero Launcher :

ZERO_default top launchers for android apk download

Zero launcher has a size of 1mb.but still manages to provide decent style, neatness and customization for the users of android smartphones. It’s free to download and you download this best free android launcher for your phone from Google PlayStore else download a free ahk file and install it on your android phone. It’s simple 3d transition offers some good visual flash. Search for android emulators as well on Google PlayStore and download some, you will get very good optimization results with android emulators.

  1. Lightning Launcher :


Lightning launcher is a good launcher for android 4.0 and it’s lightning fast that’s why the have put the name lightning launcher of it. You can scroll horizontally and vertically using this launcher and you can place widgets as well. It is a best android launcher in 2015 that you can download from Google PlayStore else download free launcher apk and install it on your android phone.

  1. Action Launcher :

action-launcher top launchers for android apk download

Action Launcher that is the combination of your home screen and the drawer that holds your apps. It is famous amongst most hardcore Android users. Its probably the fastest way to get the apps you don’t have on your home screen. It might be the most important app on any Android smartphone.

  1. Buzz Launcher :

Buzz-Launcher top launchers for android apk download

Buzz Launcher that comes with tons of customization options. You can create a library of themes and thousands of widgets you can download and tinker with. Probably, there are thousands of launchers even more powerful but if you want to match up, this is certainly the app for you.

  1. EverythingMe :


EverythingMe, this one is almost the best android launcher so far available for android tablets and phones. It works on a simple concept ‘Everything or anything you want’. EverythingMe tries to find out the basic phone needs of what you want.

  1. Next Launcher :


The best 3D launcher available so far. If you want a high technology 3D launcher on your phone, Next Launcher is your bud. Well, its hard to say in words how beautifully this app works and how radically it is different from the other launchers listed above.

21. Solo Launcher :

Solo Launcher best android launcher APK DOWNLOAD free

Over 100 million users use Solo Launcher. Download android emulators as well with android launchers. This will help in customizing your phone more and more. The size of it is very small yet it is very fast and steady and increases the performance and speed of your android phone. It makes your phone smooth by saving some memory space and its fun as well so you have a best android launcher of 2015 to download. So why wait, go to Google PlayStore and download it.

  1. Sky Launcher :


It’s a very convenient yet efficient launcher. It’s sophisticated as well and makes your mobile phone easy to navigate and control and makes things easy for you to operate.It will set your widgets easily and allow you to clean junk files and optimize your mobile phone for better speed and functions. Sky Launcher saves your battery and allows you to manage your android phone well and overall it’s a nice and best android launcher for your cool android apps. Have you tried android emulators? Try them they are as amazing as android launchers.

  1. C Launcher Speedy Brief Launcher:

CLauncher-top launchers for android apk download free

C launcher is a nice optimized launcher which is very speedy and speeds up your android phone. It is very smart as well. Saves your battery and can be personalized the way you like it and want it,  It is a very customizable launcher which can be customized and optimized in many ways and has a user friendly interface and is a best android launcher. It has very low battery consumption and protects you from third party softwares.

  1. Ace Launcher :

ace launcher top launchers for android apk download free

It is a launcher that almost every android device needs.It has Facebook bubble on desktop and you can download it for fast animations and operations. It’s really a great launcher and one of the best launchers of 2015.

  1. Zero Launcher :

zero-launcher top launchers for android apk download free


Zero Launcher is the smallest and fastest launcher. It is the perfect launcher and you can enjoy every bit of it, you can personalize many features in it and make it the way you like it. If you are bored from the current style of your android phone then you should try out zero launcher which offers free themes as well. It is one of the best android lanuchers of 2015 that you can download from Google Playstore else in the form of apk and install it on your android phone. You should try android emulators as well and download android emulators to customize your android phone more. Zero Launcher is one of the best android launchers of 2015 and can really optimize and customize your phone to the fullest possible way.

  1. Galaxy S4 Launcher :


This launcher support 3d and 2d mode. Galaxy S4 Launcher has 385 HD icons and 12 HD Wallpapers. The theme of it is really nice and you can download it from Google PlayStore and give the a rating for their launcher else download Galaxy S4 Launcher in the form of apk for your cool android apps and cool phone.

  1. Lollipop Launcher :

lolli-pop-launcher top launchers for android apk download free

Lollipop Launcher replaces your home screen with the one that you are able to control, modify and customize in different ways. You can change your phone’s themes, layouts and much more. It has Ok GOOGLE using which you can instantly search something on Google,  and icon themes, scrollable docks and is powerfully very fast. There are many android emulators that you can download.

  1. EZ Launcher :

EZ-Launcher top launchers for android apk download free

It is currently in beta mode but has many features. EZ Launcher has the most convenient way to organize and optimize apps and your home screen. It has the Genius app list which brings you the app you are search for else you most want/like. It’s loaded with preloaded app manager as well which will help you manage your apps more easily.

  1. Future 3d launcher and locker :

future3d top launchers for android apk download free

It’s featuring a 3d look and style tor for your apps and homes screen. Future 3D will bring a completely new style and show of your mobile phone and android operating system at once. It’s a nice launcher to try.

  1. Jelly Bean Launcher :

jelly-bean-launcher top launchers for android apk download

You can get android 4.3 on any device using Jelly Bean Launcher. It’s the latest launcher from the android developers itself. It’s the home replacement designed to  make you look and give you the feel of Android Operating System 4.3.

There are many other best launchers for android and you can download the free apks for android launchers. This way you can customize your android phone more and more and you can download android emulators as well.

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