24 Best Racing Games for Android 2015

In the current days, mobile users are gaming on their tablets smartphones more and more. Since, there are lot of apps available from the Google Play so its kind of hard to find the best app worth downloading. Here, you can a find best racing games for android 2015 list. Hundreds of racing games for android are available on the Google Play Store and more are added every time, and its a sort of challenge to find the best app worth downloading. We are gonna highlight some of the better games that are mostly free, fun and worth spending your money on. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for casual / arcade racing, ultra realistic racing or NOS turbo boosts, you can find it all below and they are worth trying at least once. These games will surely keep you busy for hours. For the beginners, we are going to highlight Riptide GP2 as many people like it, you can find more below and they are kind of addicting. As we mentioned above, there are hundreds and hundreds of racing games for android for the year 2015, available on Google Play, and as some are fine, many of them provide copies of others and is totally not worth the time it takes to download. Instead of wasting time, your money , data for downloads etc, check out our list of some of the most popular racing games around.

1. Riptide GP2 :

riptide gp2 top android racing games 2015

On top in the list of best racing games for android 2015 is Riptide GP2. This game is not free. It costs 0.99$ but it is worth playing. You should check it out. Riptide GP2 is a bit old but it has plenty to offer. Even old devices can enjoy it fully. It is still one of the best games of android. It has 5 star review rating which speaks for itself. Speed through the waters in this one of the best android racing games and unlock levels, watercrafts and more. If you haven’t played this game, it’s a must have for you.

2. Asphalt 8 : Airbone :

asphalt 8 airbone top android racing games download

On 2nd in the list of top android racing games download is Asphalt 8 Airbone. It is one of the best racing games for android. The graphics of the game are awesome and the sountrack is even more awesome. In Asphalt 8 Airbone, you have to hit ramps and speed. Also you have to perform stunts. Though, the game can get a little difficult as you proceed further. The game is very fun to play and you will enjoy it a lot.

3. SBK14 :

bk 14 free android racing game 2015

The 3rd spot in the list of top android racing games 2015 is taken by SBK14. I personally like SBK14 that’s why its 3rd on the list of best racing games for Android 2015. SBK14 is a new fair racing game that just dropped recently. It provides great stunning graphics and intense racing action for the lovers of superbike racing. It looks immersive as it features 13 tracks recreated to look like almost real life versions. 27 different riders in the game with a handful of different bike types also a decent selection of customizable control sets , totaling 9 etc.

4. Turbo Racing 3D :

urbo racing 3d free android racing games download 2015

The 4th in our list of best android racing games 2015 is Turbo Racing 3D. It is a great / fine arcade racing game where you guide your car through traffic also you can test your hand-eye co-ordination and reflexes . A really good variety of cars to unlock  and the game gets more challenges as you progress. In the beginning , its slow but the game actually gets faster as you unlock better cars.

5. Need For Speed Most Wanted :

need for speed most wanted free android racing games download

Need For Speed Most Wanted is 5th on the list of best racing games for Android 2015 .Need For Speed Most Wanted maybe a couple years old, but it is one of the better racing games out on Android with stellar visuals and fast pace, intense racing gameplay almost familiar to the Need For Speed Universe. In Need For Speed Most Wanted, you’ll be rising through ranks as a new to town local racer as well as you got to evade the pursuit of cops at most of the points. 40 most wanted cars for you to unlock.

6. Real Racing 3 :

real racing 3 top android racing games download

A fine racing game by Electronic Arts. It is termed more of a simulator than a pure arcade game. You got to choose among 100 authentic cars to compete against your opponents. Real Racing 3 also has a multiplayer mode for real-time racing with your friends and a timeshift competition where you to beat their best times. The game is awesome and so do the graphics and the game plays quite smoothly on most devices.

7. CSR Racing :

csr racing top android racing games 2015

CSR Racing is all about drag racing. It provides over 85 licensed cars for you to collect and race online against other players, with brands such as Ferrari , Porsche , Bugatti , Aston Martin etc. It allows you to customize and upgrade your cars for better chances in winning the drags though you may not have free roam control like in many other racing games.

8. Beach Buggy Blitz :

beach buggy blitz top android racing games free

On 8th in the list of top android racing games download is Beach Buggy Blitz. From the same developers of Riptide GP2 comes another interesting racing game called Beach Buggy Blitz. It has the same feeling and you will be driving around in beaches and through tunnels and under bridges. Drive your beach buggy as far as you can under the beaches and under great depths of this mysterious tropical island. You can explore sun swept beaches and secret caves. This is one of the most anticipated car racing games. This is a game that will keep your friends and you busy for a while. It might keep your kids busy for hours.

9. Fast And Furious 6 The Game :

fast and furious The Game best android racing games download

In my book, Fast And Furious 6 The Game is 9th on the list of best racing games for Android 2015. Fast and Furious movie series has made an army of drooling fans who crave decked out cars. The point of the app is to earn ”respect” and so do cash by being the fastest driver in drag and drift racing. Its made in the streets of London and is made up of amazing graphics and game play. The cars offered in this game aren’t just the new ones and they do have some awesome classics to bring to the streets.

10. Dirt Road Trucker 3D :

dirt road trucker 3d free android racing games download 2015

On 10th in our list of best racing games for android 2015 is Dirt Road Trucker 3D. In this game, you don’t really have to race against others , what you got to do is compare your performance with others. The main point of the game is to drive your old Truck of bolts stalked full of cargo through rugged, bouncy and obstacle filled roads. You’re able to steer your truck by tilting your device , on-screen touch pad or virtual steering. Its obviously worth a try.

11. Pocket Rally LITE :

pocket rally rite best android racing games 2015 download

On 11th in our list of top android racing games free 2015 is Pocket Rally LITE. Want a no-fuss game? This could be the one for you. A major hats off to the developers for producing such awesome graphics , great landscapes that literally ”don” the screens of smartphones all over the world. Pocket Rally Lite offers plain old fun that is in line with the classic rally racing games that we all love to play tough this game might not have all the bells and whistles like Fast And Furious 6. Race through either challenge or single race modes with 3 camera angles and and 4 control modes.

12. Drag Race: Rush :

drag race rush best free android racing games download

Drag Race:Rush is a high quality 3D racing game that’s very amazing to witness in action. Your lovely rides can get customized and you’ll be able to show them off in breackneck drag races. The graphics are amazing and they shine bright as you compete with your rivals in Europe, Asia , America and Columbia. You’ll really enjoy this game’s fast paced one-on-one races.

13. Trial Xtreme 4 :

trial xtreme 4

The fourth entry in Trial Xtreme series has arrived, and once again, you’ll take on the role of fearless motocross drive and brave the dangerous elements of plenty of new stages. You’ll race against rival racers and pull of some amazing stunts while you’re airborne all across the world. A great variety of bikes to upgrade and bets to take on during stage runs that can net you some nifty bonuses. Definitely worth a try.

14. Dirt Trackin :

dirt trackin best android racing game free

The 14th spot in our list of best racing games for android 2015 is taken by Dirt Trackin. It is truly the serious racing simulator for hardcore fans of the sport can get into. The best features of this game includes selectable real world racer drivers and 16 Late Model vehicles you can select for your road travels. Also, you can change the controls and tilt the sensitivity to your liking to match your racing rivals. You can keep racing up until 100 lap as there’s a lot replayability evident with this racer.

15. Blaze And The Monster Machines :

blaze and the monsters machines best free android racing games 2015 download

The hit Nickelodeon kids show Blaze And The Monster Machines is available in mobile devices in the form of this racing game. The graphics are good and so do the game play. This fun racing game can be played by gamers of all ages thanks to its short but nice races. You may love it, give it a try.

16. Real Drift Car Racing :

real drift car racing best android racing games download

The 16th place in the list of top android racing games download is taken by Real Drift Car Racing. It is about sports and drifting offering 3D drift physics and many cars and you are able to mod them with custom body parts and kits, paint jobs and much more. New cars are added in this edition of the game and 6 customizable cars are also available in it.  You can go through the career mode that contains fifteen championships.

17. Dirt Road Trucker 3D :

dirt road trucker 3d

This is a game where you don’t play against other players directly instead you compare your performance with other players. Here, you will drive your old bucket full of cargo and stuff through bouncy, zigzag and obstacle filled roads. You can turn around your car through tilting your phone, if not then, by using the on screen touch pad. This game has hit more than one million downloads and installations.

18. Slingshot Racing :

slingshot racing best android racing games 2015

The 18th spot in the list of best android racing games free is Slingshot Racing. Now, for changing things a bit we bring a game that is quiet unknown but surely keep you busy , frustrated and excited for hours. Slingshot one of the best racing games for Android 2015. Slingshot Racing requires a bit of skills , finese and practice. Once you get it, you’ll be the fastest racer. It is all about timing and finding a groove as you speed past the competition. It is a racing designed / made for touchscreen devices ( you can’t use controller ), but its extremely fun and addicting. Paint and mod your car and get started!

19. Shine Runner :

shine runner best android racing games 2015

Shine Runner takes some of the Riptide GP2 and some of Beach Buggy Blitz and provides a real good airboat racing game. You’ll be flying through muddy water and crashing into river houses and more as you race for the top position. You got to fill your boat with moonshine and hit those muddy rivers for top score! This is quiet amazing and excellent. Give it a try !

20. Race The Traffic :

race the traffic top android racing games download

On 20th in the list of top racing games of 2015 is Race The Traffic. It is sort of a combination of those ”runner” type racing games you’ve seen a lot on smartphones. You got to be quick otherwise you’ll hit those incoming cars. Face-off against your enemies in broad daylight or at night to test your luck speed while dodging trucks and cars. Its worth a try as it is a different type of racing game. Its a fine one, worth downloading once.

21. Reckless Racing 3 :

reckless racing 3 best android racing games

It is the popular choice of car racing lovers. The game is having rich gaming experience and you can choose from 28 different racing cars and 36 different driving routes . It is set up in a 3D atmosphere. You can prove your driving skills in this great and one of the best android racing games of 2015.

22. Traffic Racer :

traffic racer best android racing games download 2015

This game’s name is Traffic Racer and the game is really a traffic racer. Though, the graphics might not interest you but its the game play where the fun is. There are about 27 different vehicles and 5 game mode to choose from. You will like moving your car around the freeways. There is also in app purchases available but you don’t really need to spend the money to enjoy the game to its full extent.

23. Angry Birds Go :

angry birds go free android racing games 2015

Angry Birds Go, an old game but still its really fun. Its on both Android and iOS and both the adults and kids love it. Angry Birds with a bit Mario Kart nostalgia is pretty fun. In the game, angry birds are stuck on piggy island and they are racing their way to victory. Angry Birds Go has all the looks of regular Angry Birds games. Its pretty close to Mario Kart.

24. Race Illegal: High Speed 3D :

race illegal : high speed 3d free android racing games download

In the end on the list of Best Racing Games for Android 2015 comes Race Illegal: High Speed 3D, same as Fast And Furious 6 it offers you to start your ”career” as a street racer where you start off at the bottom and make your way up to top. By winning from your opponents , you earn respect with the choice of 9 different cars. You got to drive the cars by shifting up and down. Surely, this game will provide you with a great driving entertainment along the way.

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Make sure to download and try those games listed above. Till then, Good bye and have a nice day.