20 Best Action Games for Android: You should play in October

September 23, 2015

"best action games for android"

Best action games for android smartphone that you can play once a time. There is a huge a list of action games for android when you entered in Google-play-store. And every month new games are updating and take birth of new action games, not only now producing action games in a bulk but now also they developing the product quality in a form of Graphics, sound, track and much more.  Android games are now getting poplar day by day. Any Android game can be include in several section and also some several features. Here you can find the free games download for android.

  1. Spider-Man Unlimited:

Spider man unlimited apk is free action packed arcade game filled with adventure. You will meet too many characters through spider man game. A much customized game where you manage your hero according to your desire, developer of the game is Game loft. The graphic of unlimited spider man game is very much outstanding where player to have a visual treat on playing and get too much experience the action field while everywhere have a war in the city.

alt+"best action games for android"

 New Characters:

Some of new characters take place in the update version of Spider-Man Unlimited:

MJ, Black cat and Peter Parker.

Game Size:

                24.8 MB

Total downloaded:


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                Game Loft

  1. Temple Run 2:

alt+"best action games for android"

Temple run 2 is a running game where you run on different track and run as far you can run. This is the best action games for android, update version have a lot of thing for you. Free Temple run 2 is the second part of the original one. Over 100 million download and over 3.5 million 5 star ratings. Game is all about to run as much as you can and not only running but you have to collect coins if you want to unlock something or make huge score. You make yourself very quickly as game is going on.


                Temple run 2 have a nice combination of graphics, you love the way game is going and how much you run the tracks where changing but the quality of graphics same. The graphics may be looks low of quality on low-end phones when you compare it to a galaxy S series or Nexus, but this game is very smoothly and fast enough to be playable without any suffering.

 Game Size:

                44.68 MB




Imangi studios

  1. Shadow Fight 2:

alt+"best action games for android"

Android game, that all about to fight with other opponent and to defeat them, this will make you live to go further way and play hard when wining the one. Shadow fight 2 apk is where you will fight with enemies. Not only you will stuck in one country but will be moving through 6+ country. Graphics and sound are very well and such an enjoyable game. You will fight with different enemies and several evil bosses.

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Game Size:

                85 MB





Total star review:

             43 lac

5 stars:

             34+ lac

  1. Implosion: Never Lose Hope

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  1. Survival Island:

alt+"best action games for android"

A game you go through island and face many different and dangerous animal. You will make yourself save and defeat them through different weapons and equipment, a lot of weapon are in the survival island game. Your main focus will be that how you survive more in an island and also your focus on how to make your-self save with different weapons and equipment. Survival game have a stunning graphics and huge location where you survive. This game is not new but very nice for playing. This game have a lot of things for us. Where you explore the island and killing the dangerous animals who will run across to you and want to kill you but this is survival so you make everything clear.

   Game Size:

                                24 MB




                                1 million

  1. ShaqDown 2:
  2. alt+"best action games for android"

Shaqdown 2 is the another version of shaqdown, this time a lot of changes come to new version which is pretty than the first if we compare both one on the graphic and control department. Some of the well known heros are the part of shaqdown 2 some are including Muhammad Ali, lee Kemp and Jet Li. A new game in the action catogery which is going poplar day by day. This one of the best action games for android that why make a name in the list of free games download for android.

Game Size:

94 MB


                One Spear Entertainment, Inc

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  1. Modern combat 5: Blackout

Modern combat 5

Modern combat 5 free download and enjoy the actual fight with you enemies, may be war. You can play this game in several mode, single playing. This game is one of the best action and fights game for android. This game is more customizable than other best action game so in this game one advantage is that how you want this will react like that. Many weapon are locked so you will be unlock by passing games or completing games.


Requirements for this game is make you hard to play everywhere because it need network connection mean that this is the basic.

  • Network connection


864 Mb


Game Loft



  1. Subway Surfers:

Subway surfers

                One of the poplar action game in play stores. Subway Surfers apk is running game, where you collect coins and several magic tools which can help you to go quick in game and also make to score more than yours friends. Subway Surfers is updating on daily basis. Where you pick the power-ups in the game  for a little time, so there is also allow you to spend coin in store and make use of powers for little high time. It mean that this game is customizable and a lot of characters in Subway Surfers. Download Subway Surfers and make high score than your friends.


Subway Surfers apk graphic is well designed and also working on the graphics. Game developers Kiloo now again improve graphic on minor level. This game is all running, while you will be run on track and you to run safe while in your way train will come which make you hard to run.

Game Size:

                48 MB





  1. Grand Theft Auto: vice city

alt+"latest best action games for android"

The one game we all played on PC and Rock-Stars make GTA v for android. Grand theft auto apk is the combination of bundle games, like you are able to drive unique cars and bikes, missions, fights, and what you want you can do. This game is good but you will pay to download Grand Theft Auto. This is the best action game for android phones.

  Graphics and Sound:

                                Graphic are very well and make you to play more Grand theft apk download on your smartphones. The combination of graphics and sound is very well. Sometime its rain and sometime sunny. But the graphics is awesome. This game have a quality of graphics but one thing to note that if you high processor and RAM like Samsung galaxy S3 or Nexus 8 then it will play very well and smooth.

Game Size:

 1.39 GB


Rock Star Games



  1. Jetpack Joyride

    jetpack joy ride

    Jet pack apk is a well-known and poplar game in action category. 2D side scrolling action arcade game where you will fly and also collect coins for yourself and one thing to avoid is bad guys. Jetpack joyride is best action games for android and it’s free of cost. The graphic and sound of jetpack joyride is nice and well customizable.

        Game Size:

    84 MB


    Halfbrick Studio



  1. Deus Ex The Fall:

Deus Ex the fall apk is not free android game, you should pay if you want to play action game. Everything in the game you like, decision will be your so it easy that you can make your own choice. You can fight for survival in a society or global conspiracy. The result will get you on every single action so it mean that Deus Ex The fall is not the simple action games.

deus ex the fall

Graphics are stunning and sound are awesome. It has a great combination of both graphic and sound. Easy to control your player and easy to give command. If you start Deus ex The Fall apk so you will not know that how that free time spend too quickly.

Game Size:

764 MB


Square Enix LTD



  1. Zombie Reaper:

Free zombie reaper is the 3d action game. Which is develop by 8-Square games and make it fully customizable for us. Free zombie will come to you and will shoot them only on head because this is the only way to survive. Some of the tips for this game that, first you will shot on head, second you have the quality of shooting quickly. zombies will come across to you and you will shot them on head.

Game Size:

38 MB





  1. Metal soldiers:

metal soldiers

One of the best quality of graphic and sound of metal soldiers. This game is like metal slug which we played on computer and many of here that played metal slug. Metal soldiers game is that get you weapon and start killing your enemies. Many of the classic weapon on which you will survive and complete different stages.

Game Size:

15 MB

  1. Mission impossible Roguenation

20 best action games for android

The game stat from where you accept the mission. You will clean the place where all the big enemies command on the people of society so you will go and clear that area. You will clear their bases and defend your assault other players. The graphic of Mission Impossible is well and sound make you little afraid so you will keep your head straight and concentrate on mission impossible.

Game Size:

 99 MB



Best action games for android Conclusion:

We take too much time to find for you some of the best action games that you enjoy in free time, and have a lot of fun take from those action games for android. Here we are make you in action to do something new and touch the new flavor of game category. Best action games for android list is above where not only new games but also old game is in this list but we share with you the best action games which you play on every android device.

Any other action games for android which is not in the list please tell us in the comment box.

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