15 Best RPG Games for Android 2015 |Mmorpg games

There are many best rpg games for android that you can play in 2015 and enjoy the fun and get chill and thrill of it. RPG stands for Role Playing Games and many people play RPG games especially PC games but android games don’t left apart from ift and play it as well. They play android games and also mmorpg games which are well developed and great for spending your time when you are free and when you want to spend some time while you are bored. They are great for getting you thrilled up when you are not feeling well else sad and they can really get you chilled up. The frpg games that you can play on your android phone can be installed on your phone and can be downloaded as well from Google PlayStore else in form of apk which can then be installed. These RPG games are developed by the top android developers who develop android games and have many experience in their field and develop these games very greatly. Well, everything apar, lets go towards the list which is the main article today and lets talk to you about it.

List of Best RPG Games for Android

Here is the list which  you will really like to play and appreciate. Note that some of these games are not free and you have to pay in order to play them. You have to buy some of these game sin order to play these games and enjoy the fun but still, they are not more than 10$ so they are pretty cheap and you can buy them easily for your android phone. Here goes the list :

1. The Banner Saga :

The Banner Saga best rpg games for android 2015

The Banner Saga has done its job and has made its way to mobile devices featuring a 2D environment, great graphics, art, tactical battles and a decent RPG story line. As you play, you will explore tons of hills, destroyed battlefields beautiful places around the world. You got to lead a group of farmers, warriors , town folds and Varls.

2. Tiny Dice Dungeon :

Tiny Dice Dungeon best rpg game 2015

This epic was developed by James Barnard of Springloaded Software along with decent graphics. On Android, it was published by Kongregate. If you love genre, you will find this game full of warriors, dragons, dangers, wizards etc. This game comes will a variety of ordinary concepts although its not polished as compare to the big-budgeted games but its quiet fun.

3. Icewind Dale : Enhanced Edition :

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition best rpg game 2015

This game was basically released by Windows something like 15 years ago in 2000, the old gamers might remember it. It features some really good graphics and a good story line which makes it the best RPG game. You can choose upto 6 characters of different classes and races , and you play the role of a savior in this game.

4. Baldur’s Gate : Enhanced Edition :



Another old game of over 15 years ago in 2000, its probably the best RPG game for tablets. You will explore the whole world along the game, it has a very known gameplay of something like 300 hours and you have control over a group of 6 characters. Your hero escapes from the evil wizard Jon Irenicus. You’ll find gorgeous monsters and magic.

5. Evoland :

Evoland best mmorpg game 2015

Evoland has recently arrived for Android and iPhone devices. The game starts with momochrome and as you play along quickly evolves more colors , battles , free movement and much more. Basically, it is an original game and will benefit you with history. Evoland should be appreciated for its original idea and earlier titles, that is why it’s the best mmorpg game.

6. Siralim :

Siralim best mmorpg game 2015

Siralim, the best mmorpg game but it’s a little different from the others. Well, its about building up your own base and hunting for loom in randomly generated dungeons also it has the turn based battle element. Along the way, there will be more hard bosses and new mazes to explore so be prepared.

7. Final Fantasy VI :

Final Fantasy VI best mmorpg game 2015

Final Fantasy VI was released by Square Enix, one of the best mmorpg game. A fantasy game full of technology and powerful equipments , basically, the game’s tory focuses on a group of rebels who seeks to overthrow an imperial dictatorship. As you play, you’ll find the game full of technology and killing equipments such as gun powder , iron , steam engines and other killing machines.

8. Battleheart Legacy :

Battleheart Legacy best rpg game 2015

Battleheart Legacy allows you to explore a fully detailed fantasy and rich world. You can customize your hero with dozens of items and powerful skills, you’ve to fight against your enemies, discover the stories of a troubles realm as well as encounter quirky characters. Well, you got to decide either you want to a notorious rogue or a powerful wizard.

9. Swap Heroes 2 :

Swap Heroes 2 best mmorpg game 2015

Well, you have to say that Swap Heroes is one of the best RPG game. Swap Heroes 2 features some interesting graphics and gameplay as well as a decent battle mode where you got to swipe through your players and choose the perfect one to perform a right attack at the time. You’ll have 8 genuine heroes, 10 new locations and more than 30 different types of your enemies.

10. Galaxy on Fire 2 :

Galaxy on Fire 2 best mmorpg game 2015

This game may not be the newest, but probably is the best mmorpg game. This game features great flight simulation and sandbox role playing, its mostly like Privateer and Elite. Your hero, known as Keith Maxwell, you’ll have to get into your cockpit and explore a great generated galaxy full of pirates, aliens , space stations and star systems. It probably deserves a point on your smartphone.

11. Terra Battle :

Terra Battle best rpg game for android 2015

Terra Battle developed by Mistwalker Corpoation has made a very decent and creative RPG game. The game features a great story line , variety of characters and a fantastic battle system. You’ll have the ability of moving your squad freely to strike your enemies from both sides. You can also chain attack with your squad with a go together.

12. Swordigo :

Swordigo best rpg game for android 2015

A great and fine action RPG game by Touch Foo. Swordigo features some great graphics and gameplay and we can assure that you’ll never be bored playing this game especially when you take out your sword to piece some of your opponents. It’s a adventure RPG along with great features and that is what makes it the best RPG game.

13. Wayward Souls :

Wayward Souls best rpg game for android 2015

Wayward Souls was developed by Rocketcat Games and the publishers where Noodlecake Studios on Android. This game is a mixture of action and adventure and you will love playing it as its one of the best mmorpg game. Some things are really important in this game such as timing, tactics , positioning etc. Its probably a great a game, download it, install it and have fun of its awesome features.

14. Knights of the Old Republic :

Knights of the Old Republic best rpg game for android 2015

Aspyr’s old and successful RPG game was recently published on Android, those you like Star Wars World should give it a try. The game features role-playing gaming experience with genuine characters, planets, creatures , vehicles etc. The whole galaxy depends on you so you’ve to make your own path, also it is well polished for modern age.

15. Shadowrun: Dragonfall – DC :

Shadowrun Dragonfall DC best rpg game for android 2015

Harebrained Schemes releases one of the best RPG game among their successful Dragonfall series. This game features tons of new content, and improvements to the original one. Also, you’ll find 5 new missions, a revamped interface, customization options, music , redesigned battle system which looks much better and decent and much more for you to explore. This game probably deserves a place on your piece and it is last in our list of best RPG games for Android.