14 Ways to Make Money Online using your Website

Make money online from website

Everybody wants to make money. Making money online is a good way but not everybody knows how to. There are a lot of ways using which you can make money online on the internet. Internet is a vast area and you can find plenty of ways to make some good money for yourself. You can do blogging, affiliate marketing, selling your services, and like that many other and useful things to earn some money online. There are people who want to know how they can make online and search for different ways to make money online. Well, today, we will tell you how you can make money on the internet/web. We will tell you how you can make money using your website or by doing blogging.

We will tell you 14 different methods using which you can earn money from your website and get the fruit of your efforts on website.

1. PPC Advertising Networks :

You can earn money by using PPC Advertising Networks such as Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the best PPC Advertising Network out there. PPC means Pay Per Click. These networks will pay you according to the number of clicks on the ads. Google Adsense lets you monetize on your website. You can monetize Google Adsense ads on your website if you have a good amount traffic and likewise get a healthy income for yourself. Like Google Adsense, there are many other PPC Advertising Networks but many bloggers out there and many of the experts like Google Adsense and since it’s owned by Google so you can expect the quality of this PPC Network. You will need good organic traffic for this. The traffic affects the CTR (Click-through rate). Organic traffic has high CTR as compared to the traffic from the Social Media websites such as Facebook. There are a number of other PPC and CPC advertising networks like :




Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN).

2. Amazon Associates :

One of the ways is to use Amazon. It’s for people who can sell some things and get a commission for  their sells. On Amazon, you have to search for products that you might think can be sold. On each of that product, there’s an available commission. You can display the ads of these products using your website. It’s like monetizing but you get commission for your sells rather than getting paid for clicks as it happens in PPC Advertising network. It can be a great way to boost your income if you have good amount of traffic on your website. You can convert that traffic into money. The earnings will be in your Amazon account and you can then withdraw money. You can use Paypal etc for this purpose. Also, this Amazon thing is recommended because you don’t really need a very high amount of traffic to get some sales. A website like 1000+ traffic will do. You have to choose those products that are related to what the things on your website. Like for example, if you have stuff about mobile accessories so you can try choosing the products that are related to it. You can display ads of those things on your website.

3. Ebay :

Like Amazon, there’s another thing which is called Ebay. You can do affiliate marketing on it as well. You have to showcase their products on your website and get commission for the sales. You can sell books and many other things like that. Though, many people don’t favour ebay but you can really make some money using Ebay as Affiliate Marketing thing for your website.

4. CPM Advertising Networks

Another on the list is CPM Advertising Networks. They work differently from the PPC Advertising Networks. They work on the Pay Per View thing. Like 1000 pageviews and you get some money for it. There are many CPM Networks that you can find on the Internet and that really offers some good. Some of those are :

Right Media

Burst Media

Tribal Fusion


5. CPA (Cost Per Action) Networks :

Another one that bites the dust is CPA (Cost Per Action) Networks. They give you money when a particular action is taken like email submission, form submission etc. There are CPA Networks that you can search on the internet. Some of them are :


Neverblue Media


Adscend Media



6. Affliate Networks :

Now here comes the beauty. Affliate Networks really own it well. Many of the people are earning a good amount of money using Affliate Networks. Affliate Networks are the best money income sources. What they do is that they give you a product that you can monetize on your website and blog etc, and give you commission once the product is sold. You can monetize the product on your website using ads. There are many Affliate Networks out there and many are coming as we speak but some of the most used Affliate Networks are :




Commission Junction (CJ.com)

 7. Direct Affliate Networks :

Here’s another affliate network that are called Direct Affliate Networks. There are many companies that offer these kind of services. For example, Hotgator, which provide its own affliate service i.e Domain Name purchasing, Webhosting purchasing etc. On each of these things, they will give you commission if its been purchased from your referral link. Like if you get a referral link from HostGator and place it on your website and a visitor of your website clicks on your referral link and buys something like webhosting, then you get commission, and usually these commissions pay really well. So you can try and search for more of these Direct Affliate Networks. There are thousands of them on the internet. You just need to try your luck and find a good paying Direct Affliate Network.

 8. Sell Ad Place :

There’s something else that you can do. It’s called selling ad place. What you do here is to sell a portion of space on your website to show ads on it. You get fixed money for it. The most popular Selling Ad Space network is BuySellAds.com . You can go there and register an account. After that, you post your website’s address, it’s traffic stats and some other things related to your website. Then, there are buyers there who will contact you to display their ads on your website. You will need to put the available spaces where ads can be placed as well on your website. If the buyer likes your website, (usually they just check the traffic stats and the website type), you will be contacted to display the ad on your website and tell you about the price that they are going to buy for. Usually 50$ a month for footer or sidebar ad on a website with good amount of traffic. Though, you can get more than 50 too. It depends on your website traffic. For a website with normal traffic, you will get 50 to 60$ per month for sidebar and footer ad. The place where ad would be placed also varies the price tag.

9. Sell your own products :

This is one of the other ways that you can use to make money online using your website. You can create your product like an ebook etc and then sell it. If you have a website with good traffic, you can then sell your products to people. Your visitors will see the product and buy it. What you can do is to make a product and sell it on your website. It’s a way of marketing as well and making money from your website.

10. Monetizing Widgets :

This is another technique for earning money through your website. There are some companies out there on the internet that will let you monetize their widgets on your website. They work on the PPC based like Pay Per Click and will pay you according to the clicks it gets from your website. If you have organic traffic and any other traffic, you can try to monetize widgets on your website. The companies that give monetizing widgets are :



11. RSS Feed Ads :

So yeah, talking about ads and there is yet another Ads called RSS Feed Ads. This RSS technology is used by millions of websites and blog owners. The feedburner has its own ad network and allows you to display CPM ads on your footer. Recently bidvertiser has introduced its RSS feeds ads as well. Its working under PPC scheme. John Cow and Marketing Pilgirm is using RSS feed ads and like this many other websites. You can use the RSS Feed Ads to make money online using your website.

12. Sponsored Reviews :

Sponsored Reviews can be used to make money online using your website.  Sponsored reviews are a great way to earn from your website. What happens in Sponsored reviews is that you write a review of a product, for example, a software developed by a developer that is for sale. You write the review of that software and publish it on your website and in return, the developer pays you money. Like that, you can write review of anything else, like a review about Premium SEO plugin Yoast. You have to find the contact us page of the companies that you search for on Google and ask them if they would be interested for sponsored review.

13. Selling the Website :

If you want to make a good amount of cash at once, then you would probably go for selling your website. Your website has good traffic? Yeah? Then go to flippa.com and post your ad. You need to give traffic stats etc and post the ad. Then their will be bids on it and your website will be sold. You can earn money by selling your website.

14. Intext Advertising :

There are advertisements that you can place in text. These are called intext advertisements. When the user hovers on the text, an advertising bar will pop up. If the user clicks on it, you would make some money. These links are double lined so that they can be differentiated from normal links. Intext Advertising companies include Kontera and Vibrant Media.

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