10 Top SmartPhones in 2015 to buy

Here at Diaryinc, with so many top smart phones , it’s difficult to select the best smart phone for your self. Smart phones are a necessity that you cannot avoid. You must need to have a smartphone. As the technology has developed so much that you can access almost anything using your smartphone.  It’s like a portable computer that you can take with yourself and even use it to call other people and your contacts. Assuming you already know what smartphones are, lets move to the main topic which is top smart phones in 2015 to buy. Note : (If you are confused that What is the best smartphone then don’t worry because in article, we will clear all your doubts and confusing thoughts). As we said there are many top smart phones to buy but we have selected a few for you that you can use and be comfortable with it.

The best/Top smartphones in 2015 :

In this list, we will tell you about the top ten smartphones that you can buy in in India, Pakistan and all over the World. We will compare phones and tell you about the best smart phones. So lets just not waste our time and go the the smart phone comparison and best smart phones in 2015 to buy.

  1. LG G4 :

Lg g4, compare smartphones

Last year’s LG G3 was a very top smart phone but this one LG G4 is the best smart phone in India and all over the World. It has an awesome camera to match with Samsung Galaxy S6. Since we are comparing phones so the LG G4 is a better smart phone in our opinion than the Samsung Galaxy S6.  It is the best smartphone with camera which is HD AND CURRENTLY BEST SMART PONE IN THE MARTKet as well. It can be ranked 1st as the top 10 smartphones in India. Top 10 smart phones in India, it will be ranked first in the market. It is also a preview of upcoming smartphones to come. It has android 5.1 the latest version and the Qualcomm MSM8992 Snapdragon 808 chipset. LG G4 has 16 Mega Pixel camera.

2.     Samsung Galaxy S6 :

Galaxy S6 has best smart phone camera

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has finally arrived . It has 5.1 inch screen and a beauty itself. It’s one of the best smart phones of 2015. It gives us the preview of upcoming smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy series.  If you are confused hat what is the best smartphone? Then go for Samsung Galaxy S6 as it’s a beauty on its own and the top one from the Samsung Galaxy S series. It shows that how Samsung will develop its upcoming smartphones  in the future. It is one of the camera smartphones which has 16 MP camera using which you can take many photos and selfies etc. Though, it does not have Water protection and does not support a micro sd card. But instead of that, you get a very slim, handsome and good looking  smart phone which has the extremely powerful Exynos 7420 system chip.

3.     Apple iPhone 6 :

Apple iphone-6, compare smartphones

While talking about smartphones, who can forget the apple iPhones. Apple has introduced its iPhone 6 which is the world’s best selling phone. Apple products are usually sold the most and Apple iPhone6 is the most sold phone of the World as well. It is on third number on the list of best smart phone 2015. The smartphone ranking of Apple iPhone 6 is very high as well in the market and is currently the top seller of the market. It has the sleek aluminum body which is almost 0.27 inches feels very good in hands. The iPhone 6 Plus has one more feature and it’s that it’s bendable. You can bend it and put it in your pocket. Apple iPhone 5 is the best camera smartphone which has the Ios operating system installed in it. It’s a phone that can be included in the top 10 smart phones in India.

4.     Samsung Galaxy Note 4 :

samsung-galaxy-note-4- best smart phone camera

On 4th in our list of best smart phones of 2015 and top 10 smartphones in India and oher countries of the World is Samsung Galalxy Note 4. Samsung always gove you the preview of upcoming smartphones. Just like it did Samsung Galaxy Note 3. You can always predict what would be included in the next version and release of the smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the top market seller and one of the best  phone on the market as well. We will be comparing more phones in this list so don’t go away. We will share other good android phones in the market that are great for you. Most of these  phones are android phones and you know that android is a dashing operating system.

5.     HTC One M9 :

HTC-One-M9-Phone-Smartphone ranking

The fifth spot in the top smartphone ranking is taken by HTC One M9. The previous models of HTC series were not as good as this phone is. HTC One M9 took the design of HTC One M8 and refined it for better use and optimization.  It’s a good one in camera phones and you should take it and use it. The ranking of this smartphone is great as well and you can try comparing other phones with it but don’t worry we are doing it for you. It’s on 5th in our smartphone ranking and is one of the top phones in India and as well as other countries.

6.     Google Nexus 6 :

google-nexus-6 smart phone ranking

Google products have always been great and effective and so is the Google Nexus 6. Nexus 6 moves from the super cheap version to phablet territory with the new offering that it’s doing.  It has got a very great and super amazing  QHD resolution. It comes with the android  Lollipop operating system which’s version is 5.0 and has an amazing camera. It’s a phone with good camera and many other features that you will like thus to ensure that it’s on the 6th number in our showcase of best smartphones 2015 and top smartphones in India and all over the World.

7.     Sony Xperia Z3 :

sony-xperia-z3-best smart phone camera

Sony  Xperia Z3 is a solid phone with excellent battery life and outstanding features from Sony. It has got a good screen and  it offer good tweaks thrown in for the good measure. You can get Sony Xperia Z and try out the qualities and features this phone has. It has the android rating system with 20 MP rear camera and 2.2 MP front camera that you can use for skype and other video calls. So it’s an all in one feature pack and you need to get it. It’s, in our opinion 9th in the top phones in India and all over the world and one of the best phone of 2015.

8     iPhone 6 Plus :

iphone-6-plus best smart phone camera

iPhone 6 Plus has the iOs 8 and the feature that it has it is bendable and you can bend it to place it in your pocket. If we put it in simple words , then it’s the greater form of iPhone 6 and has some extra and additional specs with itself thus its price tag is more as well from the standard iPhone. The screen of iPhone 6 is more stunning and the camera has optical camera optimization. It’s one of the very top phones in India and all over the World. You can buy iPhone 6 plus on eBay and from many other websites. It has the one of the best smartphone camera and its 8 mega pixel rear camera will be great for your selfies and it has got 1.2 MP front camera that you can use for viber video calls and other things like that.

9.     Motorola Moto X :

motorla-moto-x smartphone ranking

Motorola moto x is released in 2015 and is in our list of top ten smartphones.  We compare phones here and this phone is on the 9th spot in our list of top ten smartphones. It’s a good phone and IF YOU ARE CONFUSED that What is the BEST SMARTPHONE? Then surely, you should try out the Motorola Moto x. It has got many features and is one of the top ten smartphones & android phones in our list. The first and second generation of Motorola was announced in 2013 when Google owned Motorola. The company is now taken by Lenovo which is making new products as the rumors are heard.  It has best smart phone camera which is 16 mp rear camera and 5 mp front camera. It includes 4 GB of RAM and a choice of 32 and 64 GB memory. You can either buy the 32 one or the 64 one. Moreover, it supports micro sd card so all of it is to the full and you can enjoy using this android phone a lot.

10.     Moto G

moto-g what is the best smartphone

Motorola released this smartphone back in 2014 and still one heck of of a phone. It’s on 19th in the list of best smartphone 2015 since it has  many features like it one of the best smartphone camera. It has 5 inch display and 8 mp camera using which you can take many photos and store them in your phone’s memory that’s either 34/64 GB. You can buy any version of it.

So that was our list of top 10 smart phone in India and all over the World and if you are still confused that what is the best smart phone then surely check out this. You will like what’s in here.