10 Top android apps 2015 free download

There are many best apps for android that you can download and install on your phone but we are sharing the 10 top android apps 2015 from which you can take the advantage and benefit of these apps. These apps really help you to your several tasks really easily and make your phone fast if it is slow. They give you many advantages and you take the advantage of them and be really happy when you download and install these apps. As we all know, Google Play Store has exploded in the current years due to some official and cracked apps. Occasionally, it gets really hard to find out the right app for downloading as there are tons of false copies which contains trojans / viruses. Finding a right app is probably a hell of a task sometimes and those false copies / apps is the reason why we made this top android apps post. Here, we are going to list the top Android apps so that you have no trouble in finding the right app. These top Android apps are going to revolutionize your smartphone and they are worth downloading as they deserve a point in your piece. These top Android apps will be up-to-date so you won’t miss any of the brand new top Android apps. Anyway, here are the best apps for Android :

Top Android Apps 2015 :

Here is the list of top android apps 2015 and you will really like it.

whatsapp top android apps 2015 facebook messenger top android apps

1. Hangouts :

Since Google Talk is dead, for now we have Google Hangouts. Using Hangouts, you can not only send messages to Google users but you are allowed to do video chats for free. In addition, Google+ users can also enjoy a video call with up to 12 participants which literally means free group video chats. It can also be used for managing your SMS messages; these features positively make it the best app for Android.

2. Circle Of 6 :

The best app for Android Circle Of 6 is for such critical situations where you do not know what to do. Circle Of 6 is an app that connects you to 6 of your different friends. Using this app you can send messages to your 6 connected friends. It sends a message to your friend showing your GPS location requesting to get picked as well as the other message asks your friend to get in touch with you as fast as possible; two types of messages.

3. Facebook Messenger :

Facebook is an online social networking service which connects you to your friends, family members etc over the world, headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Probably, facebook is the most known social networking service over the world. Facebook Messenger lets you connect to facebook with greater speed than your normal facebook app. It is faster and provide much more features than the normal app which makes it the best app for Android.

4. Plume for Twitter :

There are plenty of apps that can keep you busy about doing tweets and managing your twitter account but plume for twitter gives you the ability to surpress words on your timeline that others say and send messages directly and send tweets directly too in many different colours. It’s a great app and one of the best apps for android, and you should download and install it on your phone.

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5. TextSecure :

If there is something like you are worried about NSA and something peeking your text messages and spying them then use TextSecure. It will not only encrypt your text messages over the air but they will be encrypted when they are at rest in your phone so it’s a great way to have your texts secured and your things secured as well. Must try this app and download and install it.

6. WhatsApp :

In the world of social networking services, Whatsapp is among the most successful social networking service. Whatsapp is an instant messaging app for smartphones, this app uses Internet to send text messages, images , video, audio messages etc. The app has been bolstered by encrypted messaging that means , it is totally secured. The security feature makes it the best app for Android.

7. VLC for Android :

The most popular versatile media player, VLC is now available for Android. VLC can play any kind of media file that you chunk in it, and its pretty fast. No lagging or shit its totally great, so if you have ever faced struggle in playing a media file or finding a unique versatile media player, VLC is the best app for Android users.

8. Avast Antivirus and Security :

Avast Antivirus is pretty known among the computer or laptop users and thankfully it is available for Android. This app completely rocks and have some great features such as, remote lock, safe Web Browsing, app management , anti-virus engine that keeps your smartphone clean from trojans / viruses, remote wipe etc. This app probably deserves a point on your piece and greatly it is totally free!

9. Hotspot Shield VPN :

Hotspot Shield VPN is really popular and has won the best vpn of the year award as well. Just a few taps connects you to the Editor’s secure servers which keeps your activities free from snoopers. Also, if you want to check your Bank account using public Wi-fi network, Hotspot Shield VPN is your way to go. Its features probably makes it the best app for Android and it deserves to be installed on your smartphone.

10. Calories Counter – MyFitnessPal :

If you want to lose weight or look young, Calories Counter – MyFitnessPal is your app. With its great design , it expends the calories you take in, it won’t give you a exercise regiment but will probably make sure to make you aware of your habits. Its unlimited food library helps you to log your meals through out the day. So, if you are tired of looking fat and are up to lose some weight , make sure Calories Counter – MyFitnessPal is installed on your smartphone.

This was the list of 10 top android apps 2015 free download and the best apps for android. You can download these apps for android for free and install it on your android phone and Google PlayStore is your way to go.