10 Things to Know Before Applying for Google Adsense

10 things to know before applying for Google Adsense

You want a Google Adsense account? Sure, you do and you need to because it’s one of the good PPC Network but wait, do you know how to? NO? then you really need to know the things and steps before you can apply for Google Adsense account. You must be thinking that how can I get a Google Adsense account and what are the requirements for getting Google Adsense account? Yeah, there are many requirements and steps that you need to know before you apply for Google Adsense. If you are thinking some of these things like Am I qualified for Google Adsense and Am I eligible to get Google Adsense account, then you are at the correct place. Yeah, in this article we will tell you in detail the steps and things you need to know before you apply for Google Adsense account. So to start with, lets tell you about Google Adsense and how it works.

What is Google Adsense and why you should use Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a PPC Network. PPC means pay per click. It’s a network of Google where you get money for clicks on ads that are displayed on your website, blog etc. It’s the oldest ad publishing network. In the start, Google used to give adsense to anyone using blogspot. Google Adsense have thousands of legitmate customers and ad publishers that are statisfied.

There are people who are earning a living from their Google Adsense income. There are bloggers who are much money using Google Adsense on their blogs. Infact, there are people who only depend on their Google Adsense income and use it for their living. You know Google and it speaks for everything. Anything owned by Google needs to be better and adsense is just another example.

There are many reasons why you should be using Google Adsense. The first reason is that is paying rates are better than many other PPC networks and it’s the reason why it’s popular among many bloggers and webmasters. Now, since the demand of it is great, therefore Google has it made it difficult to get Adsense account. This does not mean that getting an adsense account nowadays is impossible but they have somehow made it strict and yeah, they need to as there are a lot of frauds and scams out there.

Lets talk about the reasons why

Reasons Google Adsense will reject your application :

There are various reasons that Google Adsense might reject your application. Below are the most reasons that might Google give for the rejection of your application.

1. No privacy Policy :

If your blog does not have a privacy policy then it’s very likely that Google Adsense will reject your application. No privace policy means no Google Adsense account.

2. Design of your blog :

If your blog is not have an elegant design then Google Adsense might reject your application. It does not mean that your blog really need to have a great design and it should be having the out of the sky design but it just needs to look good and nice. A nice little theme would do. Design really don’t matter much but you need to have a good design if you want to get Google Adsense account.

3. Site does not comply with Adsense Policies :

If your website is having things that does not comply with the Adsense policies then Google Adsense will likely reject your application. If it’s having porn and warez content like cracks and piracy then it will reject your application.

10 Things you should Do before applying for Google Adsense :

1. About Page is needed :

One of the most common mistakes that people do is that they don’t make an About page. About page is really important since it tells the people what your website and blog is about and what’s the purpose of your website. If your website/blog does not have an About page, then it’s zero percent chance that Google Adsense will accept your application. About page is a must. Without it, don’t assume that Google will accept your Adsense application.

2. Privacy Policy  needed :

Like About page, privacy policy is important as well. Some people might say that privacy policy is not necessary before applying for Adsense but no they are wrong, privacy policy is more than important. It describes that your website is not a scam and you are not doing scam with anyone. So if you are not having a page on your website where there is privacy policy, then Google Adsense will surely reject your application.

3. Contact Us page :

You need to have a contact us page. It is one of the requirements before you apply for the Google Adsense. If you are using WordPress, then there are plugins that you can use to have a simple contact us page. If you are using blogger, then you can Google contact page and have it on your blogger blog.

4. Age Verification  is important:

There are bloggers who use their incorrect age. Some don’t but there are bloggers that do. Not many of them but some. Don’t use wrong age because and if you are not 18, you can’t get a Google Adsense account. 18+ is the age for applying for Adsense. If you are not 18, and you apply for Adsense. You might get rejected without a reason but that reason is that your age is less than 18.

5. Number of posts :

There is no actual answer. There are peopl who get rejected even when they have 400+ posts and then there are those who get their Adsense account when they have 40 and 50 posts. So there is not an actual answer but still we can predict and the prediction is that you should have 60+ posts.

6. Good Design  :

Design matters. Not a lot but it certainly is an aspect which needs to be adjusted before applying for Google Adsense. They will check your blog’s design before giving you Adsense account. So make your blog’s design good and elegant before you apply for it. A website and blog with good design will get adsense account quickly than a website which looks gibbereish. But it’s not a big problem, you can easily get themes nowadays which are well designed and your website looks a proper website with those themes. If you are using WordPress, then you don’t need to care about design since the very basic WordPress themes that WordPress has in default are well designed and optimized and if you go for the paid ones, then they are good designed.

7.  Use of Top Level Domain:

If you are using a .blogspot blog/ wordpress.com blog then there is a high chance that your application won’t be approved. Try getting a top level domain i.e a .com or .net domain before you apply for it. Using any subdomain will do nothing but decreasing your chance of getting Adsense account.

8. No Other Ad Networks :

If you are willing to apply for adsense and you are using another ad network at that time then it’s not good. You should remove other ad networks from your website/blog before you apply for adsense. Though, Google allows that you use another Ad network with Google Adsense but still you need to remove it. You can later use other Ad networks with Adsense once you get your account.

9. No Paid Traffic :

Google does not like paid traffic. If your blog is getting paid traffic so you should remove it before you apply for Google Adsense. Google penalizes those sites that get paid traffic. So you need to get rid of paid traffic before you apply.

10. Name and Email verification :

Put your name and email in some visible area like in about page or contact page so that when Google check your website, it gets confirmed to it that it’s the same person who applied rather than some crappy robots and bots.

Your Thoughts and Feedback :

Now, it’s up to you that what did you get from this article and what are your views? Do you think we should focus on these steps before going to apply for the Google Adsense? Have we missed something and you want to add it? Then go and and use the comment box. Give your feedback to us as well. Till then, have a good day!



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