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Best RPG games are great they are known as role playing games and are played usually by pc gamers but android gamers don’t stop from playing it either, they play it as well. RPG games are great and Mmorpg games are the best rpg games for android 2015, as when you play it, you feel a sense of comfort, happiness and delight. You can download and install RPG games on your android phone and then play them so you can get the taste of enjoyment and thrill of the action of these rpg games. They are really mind refreshing and can really cheer you up when you are sad and not feeling well. You will really like playing RPG games and playing RPG games is a blessing on its own and thanks to the programmers and developers for developing such nice and cool RPG games.

Here, in this article, we will list the above stated rpg games and many of them will be great that you will really like to play and have fun with them. So here comes the list :

List of Best RPG Games for Android 2015 :

1. Aralon Sword and Shadows 3D :

Aralon Sword and Shadows 3D best rpg games

Aralon Sword and Shadows is one of the most known RPG games and have a great gameplay of over 30 hours. It contains huge landscapes, great quests and almost everything you need in a RPG.  It also has a first and third player game modes which makes it even better. A pretty decent RPG game you should try.

2. Blood Brothers 2 :

Blood Brothers 2 best rpg games

A newer version of the most successful Blood Brothers released by DeNa which had over ten million downloads during its time. Blood Brothers 2 is just as amazing as Blood Brothers or even much better than that. Its a strategy RPG game with some monster collection and a multiplayer mode. It was a fine game but later on a huge update was thrown into it to make it even more better and good and so it worked. Its success makes it the best mmorpg game.

3. Order And Chaos Online :

Order And Chaos Online best rpg games

If you are looking for mmorpg adventure, Order and Chaos Online is a great Android game for you. The graphics are way better than average and the gameplay is quite decent to learn and you’ll find the players generally quite friendly. Its free and probably deserves a point on your smartphone.

4. Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf :

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf mmorpg games The great series of Lone Wolf is available in mobile with great graphics and gameplay. The game is quiet simple, you got to investigate signs of a invasion by your evil enemies known as the Dark Lords of Helgedad. The gameplay of 3D combats as well as the skill system inventory makes it the great game for your android phone.

5. RavensSword : Shadowland 3D :

RavensSword Shadowland 3D best rpg games

This is probably the best RPG game on the list because of its fantastic graphics and gameplay. A great story line, first and third person views, and plenty of quests and places to explore. An awesome soundtrack makes it even much better, almost everything about this game is fantastic.

6. Secret Of Mana :

Secret Of Mana mmorpg games

Secret Of Mana reappeared of Android in 2014 with much better graphics and much more. In this game, you play the role of a character called Randi and you have a company of two more of your companions called Primm and Popoi. What you got to do is travel around the world with your companions and battle the empire for control of Mana.

7. SoulCraft 1 and 2 :

SoulCraft 1 and 2 best rpg games

We’re going to mention the best, SoulCraft 1 and 2 are probably the best rpg games. Obviously, it can’t be compared to the graphics of console and PC, but if you compare it with most of the Android games, you’ll find it much better. A great game with great graphics and beautiful gameplay. You’ve to beat the shit out of your enemies and level up as you crush them as well as you got to buy upgrades and SoulCraft 1 and 2 are one of the best rpg games for android 2015.

8. Inotia 4 :

Inotia 4 mmorpg games

Inotia 4, one of the best series of Android games as well as the best RPG game and good game as well. Basically, its series was highly rated and so we added it up in the list as its the latest. Inotia 4 has a huge huge world with over 400 maps along with alot of character types and gameplay for you. It probably has the best graphics and needs to be installed on your smartphone.

9. Doom and Destiny :

Doom and Destiny best rpg games

Doom and Destiny is a great 8-bit style jRPG game. In this game, you got to beat up the bad guys, save the world and explore dungeons as you move forward. This has a great story line of 20 hours and 20 hours of extra making it a 40 hours great game. You have to learn hundreds of powers and spells as well as hundreds of items to find and equip.

10. Bard’s Tale :

Bard's Tale mmorpg games

Bard’s Tale is really a goofy and a great RPG game which literally makes it the best mmorpg game for Android. Its sarcasm and wit can be highly praised. The game contains two care packages form and you have to choose one among them, first a standard definition, second a high definition package. Its probably worth your time as it contains lots of content and alot of characters.

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