10 Best android Root apps free download 2015

Rooting your android device has its own profits and there are many Best android Root apps that you can download from the web and root your android device with it. Rooting has its own profits and advantages. By rooting your android phone, you get super access on your phone and you can modify your phone to the extent you want and customize it with custom roms. You can then install custom roms on it and like this modify your phone which is amazing. There are many ways to root your phone. Android phones can be rooted using computer as well as rooted android apps that you can download from the internet, you can root your android phone with it. Rooting is a fun on its own and you should really try it on your android device. You should root your android phone/tablet else any other android device by using android root apps. So lets move towards the list and tell you what are the best android rooting apps for your android phone in 2015 that you can download freely to root your phone.

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Best Android Root Apps :

The below list of apps are very great apps and they are great android rooting apps which will help you root your android device in a click of a button and you will be then able to take the advantages of the root of your phone and install custom roms and modify your phone and get super admin access on your phone. Here is the list :

1. Full!Screen

The first on our list is Full!Screen since it is a great app for rooting your android device. This android app removes the home key as well as the notification bar of you phone. Using, this you can get rid of top and bottom bars. It’s a very nice app and you need to try it.

2. GooManager

The 2nd in our list is GooManager and it’s a official app for goo.im and it’s a very good app for rooting android phones. It’s one one of the  since it helps you tio fin a lot of files that you might use Google to find but using it, you can find it. So it’s a good app, and you can root your android device with it.

3. Greenify :

Greenify is an app that exists from a very long time and it’s a good app. This app checks your device and gives you statistics about which app is running, which ones run and how much time they take to run. It’s a great app to have and one of the best apps for rooted android. You can root your android with it and it’s a great way and one way easy step to root you android phone.

4. ROM Toolbox Pro :

ROM Toolbox PRO is a great app for rooting your android phone. It’s an all in one solution for android users and can be used to root your phone. There are too many things that this app can do and it has a root browser as well for root users and you can do custom recovery with it, install custom ROMs and modify your phone with it. It’s a one click root app for your android device as well.

5. SDFix :

It is a system modifier and it helps those operating sytems which are running KitKat and Lollipop and it makes yuour sd card more useful and takes away the limitations given by the other apps/ It’s just like rooting your android device but in another way using an app. SDFix is a nice app and you can root your device successfully with it. Though, it does not work for all devices but it is a great app and you need to try it.

6. SuperSU

SuperSU is another root app and it’s free but can buy with app purchase. Means you can buy some features once you are using this app and it’s a very solid root app. Many new root users use this app and it’s a one click root app as well. It’s updated as well to support new apps and to get new devices working with SuperSU so SuperSU is a great package on its own and you can get a very great android root package suite in SuperSU so grab it now.

7. Titanium Backup :

Titanium Backup is a very old name in the root world and it is on the top of many root lists. Using this app, you can uninstall bloatware, you can freeze apps, and you are able to backup application data. It is a nice app top have for rooting your device. We recommend this app to you and thus it is on the 7th spot in the list of our best android root apps.

8. Xposed Framework :

Xposed framedwork can do various things like theming, UI and performance, tweaks, modification, and much more. There are plenty of modules that you can find on the internet but finding the module for your phone can be a bit difficult. This is again another good android rooting app and we recommend it to you. Have it and enjoy rooting your mobile phone.

9. Tasker :

Tasker is another great app and it can make your phone do anything you want it to do. It can do almost any anything. What you do is that you create a task and then that task will be performed, it’s just like rooting your phone and getting root access on your phone else tablet. You should read the online FAQs before attempting to use this app because you can mess up things and then your device will be very crashed. So read the FAQ before trying to do anything and it is a great rooting app. You should really try it and it’s 9th on our list.

10. Root Explorer :

Root Explorer uses the root acces when it roots your mobile phone to browse your files and browse it on entire device. For the root users, it is a very important task since they need to use the root access to browse files and search for their favourites things/applications. Root explorer has a very clean interface, and is very easy to use. You will really like it once you start using it.

This was the list of best android root apps free download 2015. For more such lists, subscribe to this website to get these lists directly to your email. Subscription is free.