Saturday, July 23, 2016
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Nexus 5X Android update: New Version

Google has issued a little update to the Nexus 5 which is now rolling out OTA. Users customized up the nexus 5X for the first time...
alt="this is sony xperia Z4 tablet"

Sony Xperia Z4 tablet

Tech News

The cost of internet : Pakistan vs the Rest of the World

The cost of internet : How Pakistan is compared to the rest of the world? All over the world, the cost to connect to the...
alt="this is samsung 18 inches huge tablet"

Samsung Next Tablet is going to be 18.4 inches | Huge Size Tablet

Samsung has already released many brilliant tablets like Galaxy A tablet, Samsung galaxy S tablet but now Samsung is thinking something very bigger that...
alt="this is sony xperia Z5

Sony Xperia Z5 Price, Specs, Release Date | Too hot to handle

Sony Xperia Z5 will be release in few months and it is going to be head to head with some already giants of the...
alt="best android phones under 30000"

13 Best Android Phones under 30000

Searching for an android phone in your budget range? Well, if you are looking for best android phones under 30000 then you are at...
fb profile video

Facebook introduce a big change for a profile picture

Facebook introduce five changes for user. All these changes seem very good and beneficial for user and it is also an improvement for Facebook....
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Express VPN Serial key Give Away

  Better read a bit about Express VPN before rushing to the giveaway. VPN’s are among the most used software's these days. Increase in the usage...
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